How to make toys from socks and tights.

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Quite often, the hostess found in his home couples unnecessary socks, of which children have grown up.What to do with this good?Are they now a direct road to the dump?No, do not throw away the little socks and tights.With a little effort, one can do favors.

interesting pastime

Certainly in every home there are socks or tights that children no longer wear.It also happens that the thing is almost new, and the child has grown out of it.This is exactly what you need!

to get started is to read the instructions, which describes how to make toys out of socks and tights.This activity is very fascinating and evolving.If you do not know what to do with your child at home, ask them to make new plush friends.Surely he would like to work with unfamiliar material.


So we make toys from socks.What do we need?In the first place, of course, socks.It would be better if you find a colorful children's products.You also need to take a few buttons, needles, thread and padding polyester or other material that can fill a little thing.So how to make toys from a variety of socks can choose what you like to your children.In this case, we do cat.

  • Take a sock and cut off the edge scissors.
  • Fill the cut piece of synthetic padding and tie the end of the thread.This will be the head.
  • Next, using the buttons, sew on eyes and nose.
  • With threads necessary to embroider mouth.It's easy and only requires a few stitches.
  • Take the second sock and fill it with synthetic padding.Subsequently, it will be a body.Sew the head to the base by means of thread.
  • Next, you need to make the ears, feet and tail.
  • Cut out the necessary forms part of the remaining sock.
  • Tamp filling and sew them to the body.
  • If you want to have turned tail and paws flexible insert the small wire.In this case, you can change their own status in the game.

Similar handmade toys will be a wonderful gift for the New Year or other holiday.By law, they can be called priceless, because they are made with their own hands and carry the warmth and love.


How to make toys from socks, you know, but what you can make of pantyhose?Perhaps, the easiest option would be a snake.This is especially true for the striped and colorful garments.You will need a little pantyhose, padding polyester, thread with a needle and a variety of decorative elements.

  • Take pantyhose and cut them into two parts so that you get 2 long stretches.
  • Tamp the product synthetic padding or other filler.
  • Sew the open base.
  • Use the buttons or the usual applications make eyes.
  • Threads embroider mouth.
  • What a snake without a tongue?To do it, use the flaps cut pantyhose.
  • Sew neat tongue to the mouth.

your kite ready!It can be put on the window sill or under the slot door as a decorative thermal insulation and protection from drafts.And you can just leave in a prominent place, because this toy is unique and is presented in a single copy.


how to make toys out of socks and tights, it's only you.It can be funny bunnies and teddy bears or dolls and pretty funny gnomes.Do not worry if you have enough imagination.Nowadays you can find a variety of workshops, how to make a toy out of a sock.Photos and a detailed description is always included.

Be creative and create your own hands!Try not to throw away old things and give them a new life.This creation will always be appreciated.