How to verify the authenticity of the phone on?

During phone purchase any buyer hopes that he takes no fake.After all, he pays for the quality guaranteed by an official organization, and in case of breakdown can hope for warranty repair.But sometimes it happens that the phone is a fake, and as a result the user is deprived of the guarantees provided by the company.Therefore it is very important to know how to verify the authenticity of the phone on.

First, we should set out a few tips that can help reduce the risk of buying a fake:

1. In no case do not purchase phones that offer you the passers-by.As a rule, these products are very cheap, but remember: the genuine article can not be below cost.

2. Do not rely on dubious point of sale.It is better to look into the official and famous shop phones.

3. Do not buy a phone with it.Moreover, the phone b / y, so also it may be that precisely because the previous owner sold it and that he learned about the forgery.

4. If you decide to buy a specific model, it is best to remember not only its appearan

ce but also performance.

most reliable way how to verify the authenticity of the phone on, is the identification number IMEI, which is located on the box from under the device, and the battery of the phone.To check the dial * # 06 # and press the "Enter" key.After this operation, the screen will display the personal number, which must match that specified on the battery and the box.If the number is matched, the phone is genuine, and the store where you purchased it, do not sell copies of the phone.

If you live in Russia, you should know that the phones that are officially imported into the territory of the state, are tested for safety.If the phone has been tested, it is under the battery, you can find a sticker with the sign ROSTEST (PCT).

companies such as Nokia and Samsung, also has its own method of how to verify the authenticity of the phone on.You can check your IMEI-code for registration.To do this, go to the official website of the company, to find the necessary contacts and send the code to check.After a while you will get the answer.In

of Apple, which has become so popular in Russia thanks to the iPhone, there are ways of testing their products for authenticity.It has generated such popularity and many scammers who took advantage of this and started to produce a cheap knockoff that looks very similar to the popular phones.

If you are in doubt as his unit, use the following methods of how to verify the authenticity of the phone on.

1. Screen iPhone is three and a half inches diagonally.If it is less, then the product is counterfeit.

2. Slot for SIM-card the iPhone, too, are different.For example, iPhones 4th generation slot located on the side.Moreover, this model supports micro SIM-card instead of the usual.

3. Each iPhone there is a 12-digit serial number that can be checked on the packaging and the device itself.You can look in the phone menu, but when you purchase will not be able to do so, for this it needs to be activated.If you do it right on, it means that the product is authentic or not, or they have someone used.

When you buy any device do not hesitate to ask the seller a question.If they refuse to give you proof of identity, you should not have to deal with this store.