As in "GTA 5" to earn a lot of money?

Games series "GTA" has always been one of the best in the world.Available for a detailed study of a great city, a large number of weapons and vehicles, exciting adventures and complete freedom of action.Do you want to - follow the story line and perform all the tasks you want - just travel around the city and engaged in what you enjoy.The plan "GTA 5" is made in the good old tradition of the previous parts, but at the same time this game has made a huge leap forward in terms of graphics, as well as in all the others.The fifth part of the series at the moment is without question the best of all.What do you tell this article?Here you will find important information on how to "GTA 5" to earn a lot of money.The fact is that regardless of your choice - follow the plot or just do their own thing - you will always want to buy a new gun or a car, to acquire real estate and so on.So you better know all the ways to earn money in this game.


As in previous episodes, the fastest way to get cash - this attack and robbery.If you want to learn how to "GTA 5" to earn a lot of money, you start in any case is small.You need only go to the man in the street and knock him down or kill to take all the money that had been with him.Naturally, this is a dangerous option because first, it can give you the date, or even to get a gun and start to shoot at you.Second, you immediately draw the attention of the police, and you will either have to make the fight more serious opponents, or to hide, or you will either be killed or arrested, and you do run out of money.So you need to be able to correctly select the target.The first look is rich looking people, an attack which is worth the risk, as well as those directed to the ATM, or is already next to him - most of these falls is quite a lot of money.You can also help the robbery, the robber caught up and took his money.Of course, expect of you that you return the money to the owner, but you do not have to follow the rules of morality.And finally, you can see how the street arresting criminals - in this case from it may fall as both money and other goodies such as a weapon.Pick anything until the police knits bandit - and run away until they are switched for the company and for you.That's all it is the first way of being in "GTA 5" to earn a lot of money.However, as you know, this is not the only possibility, so it is worth paying attention to the other methods.

Robbery collectors

can not be one hundred percent say that common assault on the streets - it's really a way of how to "GTA 5" to earn a lot of money.Of course, so you can recharge your account, but you have to kill a lot of people to accumulate a decent amount.It is much better to focus on more profitable ways.For example, the city will periodically pass armored vans collectors.What do you want to do?Stop the van, dispose of the driver and his partner, then laid at the door of the van and explosives take away revenue, which is almost never below five thousand dollars.Only you have to realize that to act quickly and effectively is the most important thing, because otherwise you will lay the police very quickly.Do not waste time, do it clearly and accurately.And, of course, do not commit robberies in the crowded streets, as in this case, the police will come much faster.Make sure that the system requirements "GTA 5" allow you to do all this, because the computer is too low, you run the risk of meeting with glitches and brakes, and then you will be much easier to catch.

Robberies institutions

As you know, the system requirements "GTA 5" play a very important role in every aspect, as too weak computer configuration can greatly spoil your impressions of the game - and especially you do notYou will be able to turn the complex operations of earnings money.By the way, there is another option robberies, which will bring you more money than a simple robbery on the streets.The fact is that in this game you can also rob and various facilities such as a shop where are traded or services.You go to the store to obtain weapons and sends it to the seller, after which he will give you all the cash from the cash register.Here is hidden until the police arrived.Also note that some vendors may have under the counter gun, so you need to very carefully and deliberately to act - in any case, for example, do not visit the store that you've robbed before, because the seller with an absolute guaranteethis time to protect themselves.This feature of the game "GTA 5" - the characters learn, remember what happened before, so you are unlikely to find any bug, with which to make a million - will have to do everything with their hands.

Buying shares

One of the characters in the game "GTA 5" - Lester.It should definitely remember you, because with it you can earn considerable sums of money, and to do so you will be using a variety of buying and selling shares.Yes, in this game to implement such an opportunity, so do not miss it.If you will periodically speak with Lester, he will tell you about the situation in the stock market and give advice on what stocks to buy better, and what - sell.Is the game and some things that you should remember, as they are fixed.For example, if you are going to accomplish the mission, "Homicide: Hotel", you'd better talk to Lester and buy as many shares of the company BAWSAQ, because after the assignment of the price increase by 40 or even 50 percent, and you will be able to their veryprofitably sell.

Released "GTA 5" - April 14, 2015 - indicates that the game is completely new, created using the latest technology.So you can imagine what opportunities have been implemented by developers: you can do a lot in this game masterpiece.

Treasures from the bottom

Released "GTA 5" also says further that quite fresh, so not all the bugs and glitches have been fixed, so you can still have time to use some of the secrets that will allow you to receivemore money than was originally intended.So, you need to purchase a docking Sonar Collections, and then you will be able to make full underwater walk.This, of course, quite expensive attachment, but soon you'll see why it's worth it.Having acquired a treasure map, you can go to their collection - but do not rush immediately to take all myself.As soon as you lift one of the treasures that will bring you as much as 12 thousand dollars, you need to switch to another character, and then immediately return to that which is under water.The treasure will again be at the bottom, but the money from your account is written off.Naturally, there is in "GTA 5" mode, which adds a new earning potential, but it is only for fans, since the game has enough options to get rich.

method is not for everyone

in "GTA 5" fashion is increasingly gaining in popularity, yet in this article we are talking about the methods of earnings, which are available to all gamers who play in the basic version of the project.However, even here there is a way is not for everyone, because it requires already own a round sum of money.If you are doing the storyline of the game, then you will have the opportunity to purchase shares in the company Merryweather Security - it is the most expensive in the game.All one hundred percent will cost you $ 30 million.But after the story line, you get a profit of six million.As you can see, the new "GTA 5" operates quite a considerable sum.


As in life, one of the most effective ways to make money - it saves.Do not buy a car - even the toughest models are easy to find and steal.If you want to buy a gun, then scans the message, as you will come to the phone reminders about discounts.And one more tip - do not die.What would you have had any version of "GTA 5" resurrection takes you as much as five thousand dollars.

codes for the game

From the developers of codes for "GTA 5" No, but you can download a small program from users.With them you can change certain aspects of the game, including the amount of money in your account.But still much more pleasant to make their own efforts.