How to increase in MMP "DotA 2" solo?

in "DotA 2" now plays a huge number of people who spend tens or even hundreds of hours of this addictive project.It is the "Dot" marked the beginning of a whole genre of computer games, which is called multiplayer battle arena.Its essence lies in the fact that you and your teammates need to defeat the opposing team, but the action will take place on a very limited space, and your characters will have very little time for pumping a small amount of capacity.Thus, in this game very much depends on what your skill, because if you play badly, you simply do not have time to swing as well as your opponent, which will lead to defeat.We should also talk about the ratings battle since not everyone knows what it is.Also, you should know about MMP - what is it, how to raise the MMP in the "DotA 2" solo, and what it will give you.

Rating MMP

So, before you deal with the most interesting and important question of how to raise DFID "DotA 2" solo, you need to get an idea of ​​what an acronym means.The reality is quite simple, since MMP - a rating that gets every gamer who plays at a high level.If you are winning a lot of wins and play on a regular basis, then you get to the table ranking, where you earn points.On these points affect?There is an entire system that allows you to pick opponents that you are on the level.This is done in order to not get unpleasant situations when one team is going very strong gamers and the other - only beginners.The pleasure of a no fights for the first nor the second.And thanks to the play list for you automatically selects partners and opponents are at the same level with you, to ensure the most exciting and thrilling battle.Thus, you definitely need to know how to raise DFID "DotA 2" solo, because the higher your level is, the more respect you will experience the opponents.And that will be exciting fights.

How to increase ratings?

And now is to talk about the most important - how to raise DFID "DotA 2" solo?This question torments many gamers, but in reality, the answer is very simple.There are no special criteria to increase rating.All that you can do - is to win.Only from your team wins, you will grow rating, so you need to throw all its forces in order to achieve this objective in each round.Consider the fact that the loss also affects your rankings - it therefore falls if you lose.So you need to seriously work on their skill in the game to learn to play well and to climb higher in the rankings.As you can see, the sort of MMP allows gamers that play at a high level, by those who do not cope very well with their tasks in the game "DotA 2".How to raise MMP solo?This is what will be discussed further.

Solo Kutch and the team

The first thing you need to understand in upgrading the rating - is that here you can only rely on themselves, not on your partners in the game "DotA 2".How to raise MMP solo that way?This is the whole secret.The fact that the team is always changing, and you will periodically be exposed both strong and weak partners.And your most reliable way to quickly and effectively improve the rating - is to learn to act independently, without depending on the team.That is, your partners can help you feel good, if they are to fulfill their role, but if they do not manage for you, this should not come as a surprise, since you have to do everything yourself.Also, you should understand that bleeding rating MMP solo - this is a very important task that you need to perform on their own, too, so do not rely on a support.The first and most important rule in this matter - to do everything yourself.The moment when you begin to rely on someone else, you have actually lost.The only way you can learn how to raise DFID "DotA 2" solo quickly.

correct choice of hero

But this is not all you need to know about the solo leveling, since there are other aspects that are worth considering if you are interested in uplifting solo MMP."Dota 2" - a game in which very much depends on exactly how you play your character and takzheo how well you know him.Accordingly, for this purpose there is a number of characters that will be perfect or close to it.Naturally, you do not have to use exactly those characters that will be shown below - you can act by those who you like best.But not all characters can handle the task, which will be assigned to them when they are on duty at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cope with everything alone.Just keep in mind that the ideal for the task of raising the rating suited hero Meader, a little worse - hard carry, the rest is better not to use if you are going to deal with how to raise a solo MMP.

Storm Spirit

If you are interested in the question of how to raise DFID "DotA 2", the best character for this to be Storm Spirit.He has a number of unique options and features that will greatly help you in achieving this goal.First of all it is worth noting the ability of passive character, which he perfectly harass opponents.Also, do not forget about the Ultimate, which offers an excellent mobility, well, about the high inshieyta - all in order to lure the enemy, but not to let them close to him.And in the end it is worth noting the fact that the Storm Spirit is perfectly fight one on one with any of the characters at the beginning of the game and in the end.But he has and disadvantages - for example, lack of mobility before he will Ulta, and complete dependence on mana.

Templar Assassin

Another character who is equally well suited to play this role - a Templar Assassin.This character itself is quite mobile, but it gives a good passive skill harass, as the previous character.It is worth noting refrekshn skill, with which you can both do damage to the enemy and avoid the damage dealt to you.In general, a wonderful character, Remote Control which also gives you so much right review.Templar Assassin absolutely strong in all phases of the game, but it's worth noting that not do without the drawbacks.For example, early in the game without the support of you you have a hard time because of the low amount of health and mana, and throughout the game you will miss the range of attack.


Well, the last character that is just perfect for this role - it Slark.It can be described very succinctly - easy to learn, difficult to be improved.