How to make a magic wand "Maynkraft" and how to use it?

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every gamer "Maynkraft" knows that for this game, there are many versions.It would seem that this project provides an incredible opportunity that you can use are endless, yet users create something new, to further diversify the process and make it even more fun.One of the most popular mods is "Taumkraft", where you will discover the world of magic.In the original version of "Maynkrafta" Of course, there are mythical creatures, and special potions that you can create with the help of alchemy.But as such there is no magic, and it corrects the "Taumkraft."If you are going to take this modification, you have to learn a lot of important information about how to obtain the energy and knowledge of how to create spells, and much more.But first you need to learn how to make a magic wand "Maynkraft."


Before we take up the study of how to make a magic wand "Maynkraft", you need a little familiar with what is fashion "Taumkraft" which is the subject and adds.Naturally, you need to carefully read the modification information to get a complete idea of ​​what's new in the gameplay appears.Now you'll learn just the basics.So, when you install the mod you get the opportunity to craft a variety of magical items like a magic wand or Taumonomikon - spellbook "Maynkrafta."Also, each item in the game appears his magic box from which a special tool you can extract aspects, and then combine them to get the more complex aspects, and even full spell.Their you will then be able to use with the help of a magic wand, which should be charged with magical energy, which also receives a special way.In general, you have to spend a lot of time to deal with all the questions, but for now you just need to understand how to make a magic wand "Maynkraft."

Craft Sticks

So, if you want to learn how to make a magic wand "Maynkraft", then you need first to stock the necessary materials.Their need is not so much - to start Get a wooden stick, which will serve as a basis.Combine it must be a gold nugget, which can be obtained from the corresponding ingot, but also with any of the magical fragments that you can find in the study of the wizarding world "Maynkrafta."By combining these three things, you get a simple wand student, which holds fifty units of energy and allows you to cast spells basic.Remember, you will need to "Maynkraft" modes on wands and magic as such to this recipe is now available.

use sticks

Many gamers do not realize at first what benefits it gives you a magic wand "Maynkraft."Craft of this subject - it is only a beginning, and if you created it, it does not mean that you will immediately be able to use it professionally.You will have to learn it - to use a magic wand, you will need the energy, and has learned spells.If you take a stick in hand, and there will be enough energy, you can cast spells you know.

Improvement sticks

As you know, stick the student is only a base that gives you access to basic spells.But you can also use it as a basis for crafting more powerful magic items, such as expert wand, wand-fire and so on.They give you so much more magical features.