Categories reserve military ticket.

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Russian armed forces to protect the country and its borders.In peacetime, the number of members who are in the army, is quite sufficient.But if there is a conflict and unleashing an attack on the border of the state, the ranks of the defenders of the Motherland and join the country's citizens who belong to certain categories of stock.

What military reserve

military reserve consists of male specific country, which combine military and civilian careers.In peacetime, they are in a state of readiness at the right time to return to military service.This occurs when declaring the mobilization in the case of all-out war or an attack on the territory of the aggressor State.In order to maintain proper accounting military reserve (military specialty, rank, age, etc.) people distributed in a special category of reserve (in the military card they are given).

advantages and features of the military reserve

The main advantage of creating a reserve (or reserve) is an opportunity in time of peace to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the army.At the same time the armed forces continue to be in a state of "readiness."The earliest point in the mobilization of troops called upon the citizens of the countries that have the following mark in the military card: Category reserve - 1.

be recalled that the military reserve is significantly different from the reserve units, which represent a grouping of troops (or parts), but at thecurrently do not participate directly in the battle on the orders of the commander.This is to ensure that emergency use additional force.

How to gain citizens in different categories of stock

The Federal Law of the Russian Federation about the Military Duty and Military Service (07/21/2014, the latest revision came №53-FZ of 28.03.1998 g), in the eighth chapter, there are clear indicationsabout the fact of who is a military reserve and how the categorization.

According to this law, shall be entered into the ranks of the reserve following citizens of the Russian Federation:

  • discharged from military service earlier;
  • all well trained in a special program (military training) and graduated high school, where there was a military department;
  • not pass military service on the grounds of exemption therefrom;
  • those who have reached the age of 27 years and for some reason has not been called up for military service (not subject to appeal, received a reprieve, and others.);
  • discharged from military service, followed in considering military.police stations;
  • past civilian alternative service;
  • women who received military specialty.

Women in reserve

female citizens of the Russian Federation (certainly not all) also enlisted in the military reserve.Most often, they are 3 categories of stock.There are certain age limits, according to which women can be recorded in the stock: with officer rank - up to 50 years and do not have - to 45 years.

basic level military reserve

There are three military rank - 1, 2, and 3. Each digit has age restrictions for different military ranks.For example, the first category is made up of soldiers, sailors, sergeants, warrant officers, under the age of 35 years;junior officers to 45 years old;senior officers (majors, captains of 2 and 3 rank, lieutenant colonel) who are under 50 years old;senior officers, colonels and captains under the age of 55 years;senior officers to 60 years.

In the second category are: soldiers, sailors, sergeants, warrant officers, warrant officers aged 35 to 45 years, colonel and captain - from 55 to 60 years, senior officers (majors, captains of 2 and 3 rankColonels) - from 50 to 55 years, junior officers (45 - 50 years).

third category consists of the soldiers, sailors, sergeants, warrant officers aged 45-50 years;officers, junior officers - from 50 to 55 years;senior officers (majors, captains of 2 and 3 rank, lieutenant colonel) - 55 to 60 years.

Please note that the title of senior officers are, regardless of age only to the first category, and the ranks of colonel and the captain of the first rank - the first and second.The fact that the command structure is considered the most important of all the reserve, as it has extensive experience in the conduct of military operations.Therefore, in the very first wave of mobilization of these people immediately begin to perform their military duty to the Fatherland.

How does mobilization

When a country is in a war, there are a number of specific actions to transfer not only the armed forces, but also the economy, government, self-government and other organizations in wartime conditions.Law-chief of the country declared a general or partial mobilization.

As soon as it was announced, all the soldiers who are currently in the military (even those with expired) remain in the places of deployment.This list does not get a military-women who have children under the age of 16 years.

most often occurs several so-called waves of mobilization, each of which fall into specific categories of stock.

Duties of Citizens of the Russian Federation in case of mobilization

matter is or is a citizen of the military account, he is obliged to appear before the draft board on request, to carry out all the necessary instructions (they are listed in the mobilization warrant, subpoena or order military office)in wartime to provide unhindered buildings, transport and other. property for the needs of defense, clearly perform military transport duties.

Can a person in the reserve to be called up for military service?

Enrollment in reserve military service categories based on legislation and regulations, violation of which is impossible.If you have already recorded to the reserve, regardless of your age (even if you are under 27 years old), in peace time, no one will force you to perform military service.Removed from the military records who are not in the reserve, just in case they have an exemption from conscription service.

stock Category 1 and 2 - What's the difference?

All military personnel, who have been on active duty for at least 1 year, and all involved in the fighting (regardless of the time of your stay) - this is the first category of stock.2 category - reservists who served in the Russian army for 1 year, as well as all those who have not been called for a number of reasons.It should be noted that in the very first wave of mobilization of all male civilians, who have the first category will be called the Armed Forces to protect the territory of the country and the civilian population.

Most often those who have not passed military service after 27 years of age receive a military card marked "reserve categories 2," which means the following: at the time of mobilization nobody will translate immediately into the first category, and not go to war.But if you still get the agenda, it is imperative to come to the military enlistment office on fees, which will be held after the medical examination and final medical report issued on fitness for military service.And even then you will not be sent to defend with arms their country.First, hold training sessions, which will last at least a year, and only then in the military reserve ticket category 2 will be changed to 1. Then you and will defend the homeland, their friends and relatives.