Climatic performance.

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Modern manufacturers of cars, appliances and other electrical products are required to adhere to a sufficiently large number of various regulatory documents.Consequently, the proposed products will meet the requirements of both the buyer and the requirements of bodies performing quality control.One of these conditions is the climatic version.


Familiarization with each question must begin with a study of the definitions used.So first we try to give the most clear wording.Thus, protection - a system of categories, which includes conditions for normal operation, transport and storage of industrial products with respect to zoning macroclimatic surface of the globe.In other words, this term defines the conditions in which you can exploit a particular electrical installation.In turn, bind to the regions allows to consider different climatic factors of the environment.

Regulatory documentation

Such a system certified by the applicable law and is to GOST 15150 "climate performance".This standard applies to all types and varieties of instruments, machinery and other industrial products.All of the above document requirements are mandatory.Exceptions are only the conditions marked "recommended" or "permitted".Like any other visitor "climate performance" lists the applications considered normative documents.Consider some of them.

1. The standard applies to both the design and the manufacture of technical products.In addition, its observance in the preparation tasks required to the development and subsequent upgrades, the creation of standards.

2. Climatic performance of each product, as well as other technical parameters, must be maintained within the specified values.

3. Let manufacturers products are intended for the storage, handling and transportation in the ranges of values ​​of the factors.In exceptional cases, the specifications may contain a list of permissible deviations in the operation.

4. In accordance with the technical and economic feasibility of recommended technical products suitable for use in a few macro-regions.

Climatic performance

By Currently, there are several categories that are based on the separation of areas with similar environmental conditions.As a rule, the designation of a group carried out using the appropriate alphabetical marking.Consider the description of each category in more detail.

Marking In

The Latin version is designated by the letter "N".Such climatic version is used for areas characterized by moderate environmental conditions.In addition, it should be remembered that the technical product labeled in this way may be subject to exploitation in the warm wet, hot, dry and very hot, dry macro-regions in which the average of the annual absolute maximum temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, andhumidity value is equal to 80 percent or more.Thus these characteristics should occur over 12 hours every day for a continuous period of two months.In turn, the mild climate has the following characteristics of air: the annual absolute maximum temperature does not exceed forty degrees Celsius.From the above we can conclude that the climatic version Y has the following temperature range: from -45 0C to +40 0C.

Marking CL

The Latin version is designated by the letter "F".This group is characterized by a cold climate.The average value of the annual absolute minimum temperature is -45 degrees Celsius.Electrical equipment with this type of labeling is calculated to operate within the following limits: -60 0C - 40 0C.

Marking UHL

The Latin version denoted by the letters "NF".GOST "climate performance" This category includes areas with temperate and cold environmental conditions.The temperature range of normal operation of articles with such marking has limits are the same as the previous group.In addition, released with this category of products can be used in the same cases as the goods of W. For example, hot and very hot, dry climates, subject to the above conditions.

Marking TV

The Latin version letter designation "TN".This climate is characterized by the execution of the operation of technical products in humid tropical environments.Ambient air has the following parameters: Temperature 20 degrees centigrade, humidity of 80 percent.A special condition is to maintain the above-described requirements for more than 12 hours every day for two months continuously.The operating temperature limits of normal operation up 1 - 40 0C.

marking TC

The Latin version denoted by the letters "TA".Despite the similarity in title to the previous category, this group has a lot of differences.The average value of the annual absolute maximum temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.The range of such values ​​using a range of -10 to 50 0C.

marking T

The Latin version is designated by the letter "T".Technical articles marked such markings are capable of normal operation in tropical climates.

Marking About

The Latin version is designated by the letter "U" and is obscheklimaticheskoe execution.Products characterized in this way, can be operated in all climatic regions of the land except in very cold environments.Limits of temperature range from -60 0C to +50 0C.

Marking M

The Latin version is also indicated by the letter "M".This category includes electrical products, which are intended for normal use in the macro-regions in the conditions of moderate-cold maritime environment type.

Marking TM

The Latin version is denoted by the letters "MT" and includes the areas with tropical sea air conditions.This category includes technical products, intended for use on ships coastal navigation or any other, used only in the redistribution of these areas.

marking OM

The Latin version lettering "MU".Presented group includes machines, devices and other products, the normal operation will be implemented in the areas of both tropical and temperate to cold climates.Thus, in the category under consideration include a variety of vessels with unlimited navigation areas.


The Latin version is designated by the letter "W".This group is quite specific, because it includes electrical products intended for general use, both on land and on water.This is called the performance of all-climate.A special feature is the inability to use only in areas with very cold ambient conditions.Temperature limits of normal operation range from -60 to +50 degrees Celsius.


Currently electrical products are marked in a special way (indicated climatic modification and placement category).In connection with this marking is a combination of alphabetic and numeric designations.This allows buyers to immediately see the device suits them or not.

Category 1

Technical product labeled in this way, are intended for use in the open air.Consequently, they are exposed to the entire set of atmospheric conditions.For example, climatic performance U1.

Category 2

Assumes normal operation of the equipment under a canopy or in areas exposed to fluctuations in the values ​​of the parameters of the air almost as much as the open space.For example, it can be a tent, trailer, body.

Category 3

This group includes technical articles, which must be used only indoors.This latter must have the following characteristics: natural ventilation, no artificial controls the environmental conditions;influence of dust and sand is much less than in the open air.Climatic version U3 can be used in environments with thermal insulation made of metal, wood, concrete and other materials.Such objects can be categorized as irregularly heated.Thus, protection implies U3 lack of precipitation, direct sunlight, a significant reduction in exposure to wind and moisture.

Category 4

equipment belonging to this group can be used in areas characterized by adjusting the parameters of the artificial medium, well-ventilated underground shelters.It implies the absence of direct solar radiation, wind, water and sand.

Category 5

These technical articles can be operated in areas with high humidity values.For example, in underground spaces in the soil as well as on ships.