Complex social service centers

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Comprehensive social services center is a special government agency.Its activities are focused on the organization of appropriate assistance to those people who find themselves in difficult situations.


for the creation of such centers meet the local executive and administrative body.This is the established procedure as proposed by the Department for Social Protection, Employment and Labour.Social service centers are subject to the same authorities.

Rights and obligations

social service centers implement their activities based on the Constitution.He, in turn, approved by the local administrative and executive authority in accordance with applicable law.The organization shall bear sole responsibility for the fulfillment of its obligations.Social service centers may on its own behalf acquire and dispose of property and other rights.They also have the opportunity to fulfill their obligations and participate in the proceedings as a plaintiff and defendant.


For its definition corresponds to the local government and regulatory bodies.The structure is tailored to local demographic and social specifics.Determination takes place at the suggestion of social protection, employment and labor.The structure consists of management personnel and specialized units.Staffing company developed in accordance with exemplary standards set by the center.


Usually, their implementation requires the use of public transport.Travel documents issued to social workers, nurses and inspectors from operating activities.There is also an alternative that provides for compensation for travel expenses.However, the total amount should not exceed the cost of a monthly ticket and travel on the relevant route.

Related items

for social workers acquired shopping bags.Their service life - up to two years.To perform their duties staff center issued the relevant documents.

The organization

Its aim is to carry out certain types of work on its assigned territory.Among them: methodical, practical and organizational activities.They are focused on social services and the provision of related services to citizens and their families who are in difficult situations.

Tasks organization

social service centers are involved in monitoring the demographic and social situations.Their duties also include the relevant forecasting processes.

organizations engaged in the development and implementation of plans to improve social service of the regional population.The objectives of the association include the identification and distribution of citizens who need social support, to the appropriate categories.

Complex Centre of Social Services installs the necessary forms of assistance.The objectives of the organization is to provide other types of services, which are provided by the special guide public and free support.They, in turn, provide social service agencies in the Ministry of Labour.In addition, its task is also responsible for detecting periodicity support.

social service center provides the following types need services: legal, psychological, social, domestic and advice.Employees of the organization assist in the social rehabilitation and adaptation.Center for Social Service practice of cooperation with various organizations.Among them: the state, public, religious, including foreign and international.In the course of cooperation address issues of support and assistance.The center carries out the development and implementation of new systems of public services, given the nature of need and local demographic and economic conditions.The objectives of such organizations includes informing the public on all relevant issues.

Leaders and units

Director of this organization shall be appointed and leave it in accordance with the order of the body for social protection, labor and employment.It is also necessary to carry out consultation with the relevant committee of the local administrative and executive power.Center of social services for the citizens includes units responsible for:

  1. Primary reception, information analysis and forecasting.
  2. social rehabilitation and adaptation.
  3. Hour Stay with disabilities and the elderly.
  4. social assistance provided at home.
  5. day care of the elderly.
  6. Emergency social services.
  7. day stay disabled.

Regional Center for Social Services

Such items are created to ensure the availability of appropriate services.In some cases, it can be used on-site nature of the work.The social clause is a separate room, which is located outside the main center.It serves to accommodate the employees of the organization.

Social item is intended to provide services and perform certain functions center on the territory assigned to him.This division created by the decision of the director of the organization.You also need approval from the social protection, employment and labor.The number of employees is established in accordance with the specific staff regulations for the regional social services centers.Social item is organized within the funds provided for the maintenance and operation of the organization.

Department of Social Assistance

They are created for social services permanent and temporary nature.These offices require provision of first aid at home for disabled people, which are fully or partially lost the ability to self-service.The activities of the care home is the greatest possible extension of stay of persons in need in the familiar environment.Support their physical, psychological and social status.Branch, which includes the social services center, focuses its activities on:

  1. implementation of social and household assistance to citizens.The service is provided in accordance with the degree of loss of ability to self.
  2. Taking account of the means-tested support.Provision of additional services provided by the Centre at the request of citizens.
  3. Installation and maintenance of communication with the workforce, which had previously worked caregivers.
  4. Providing staff moral and psychological support to people in need and their families.
  5. Providing training for the relatives of people served by the implementation of general care.