Adductor muscles of the thighs: exercises, treatment

adductor muscles of the thighs are the largest in the medial group.Located above the thin muscle.They form the beginning of a short tendon.Muscle bundles apart and attached to the femur bone.

Exercise "Scissors┬╗

follows.Starting position:

  1. Man located on the gym mat.
  2. puts his hands under the buttocks.
  3. shoulders off the floor a little bit torn.First, it is difficult to implement, but should be kept as far as possible to stretch your chin to your chest.This action will help to quickly strengthen the muscles of the neck.
  4. legs off the floor and rise by 30 cm.


  1. bred and legs crossed.Actions carried out vigorously.Muscles collected.
  2. distance between the legs at maximum dilution should be about 30 cm.
  3. When performing exercises should constantly try to involve the stomach.
  4. done 20 approaches.

allowed to relax a bit.Then the exercise is carried out repeatedly.

Squats Squats are most useful for the inside of the legs, focused on active, which require hip adductors.Exercises with squats are among the most effective.

Starting position:

  1. straightened up, stand straight.
  2. necessary legs spread apart, but care must be taken to further the exercise did not bring discomfort.
  3. socks are turned in opposite directions.


  1. sitting, trying to reach a line running parallel to the floor.
  2. Align your back and to keep the posture.
  3. Climb to the starting position.

Total takes about 30 sit-ups.Between them, you can make small pause to give unloading muscles.With good physical preparation, you can do the exercise, hold dumbbells in his hands.It is advisable to take them to the small weight, in order not to overload the muscles of the legs.


Side attacks are carried out to raise the tone of their muscles and stamina.Starting position:

  1. Stand straight, legs spread apart.
  2. Put your hands on the belt.


  1. makes a sharp attack on the right.To do this, right leg bent at the knee at first, and then the left side.
  2. traced the position of the knee.It should not be given more than the contour of the sock.
  3. left leg is attached to the most elongated position, by which provides a slight stretch.
  4. must try to drop as low as possible in the position, but do not perform actions that are above personal capacity.
  5. In this position, you need to stand for a few seconds, and then takes the original position.
  6. similar attack is made on the left side.Be sure that when performing exercises in both sides of the distance between the legs is different.

produces about 20 attacks.You can divide them into two times, to make a small pause.

Symptoms stretching

person seems as if something clicked in his leg.This signal may indicate a tension that got hip adductors.The stronger they are overstrained, the clearer will sound.This phenomenon is accompanied by intense pain, appearing almost instantly.There is formation of a hematoma on his thigh.The affected spot is very painful, sensitive even to light touch.Typically localized trauma at the site where the tendon enters the muscle.

stretch ratio

  • first degree is the easiest.Stretching takes the least pain, tissue regenerate quickly, so there is a minimum of problems.A hematoma is formed, but noticeable pain in the hip.
  • second degree appears quite strong and prolonged pain.A few hours after the onset of symptoms stretching adductor muscle hematoma appears.
  • third degree differs from the previous severity of the human condition.Noticeable gaps muscles, there is a strong bruise.For the treatment of foot and full recovery after such an injury needs a few weeks or months.

about treatment

As long adductor thigh injured, you must provide a complete rest the leg.It is impossible to carry out even a small load on it, as it will worsen the patient's condition.Even with the tension of the first degree is necessary to take sick leave for a few days and take care of the foot to complete deliverance from the unpleasant symptoms, which shows the adductor muscle of the thigh.Stretching can be very strong.Perhaps the doctor prescribes crutches for some time that the patient did not feel a strong pain in independent movement.

to speed up the recovery of damaged muscles, it is necessary to use cold compresses.Adductor magnus muscle regenerated hip will be better if the usual 20 minutes to put a compress.You can use ice.It is pre-wrapped in a thick cloth, and then applied to the foot.An alternative may be any container filled with cold water.

limbs, suffered from tension, compression bandages are often applied.If the tension is very strong, there was a hematoma, it is necessary to wait for its passage, or reduce the severity of, and then bandage, after consulting with your doctor.If the patient has to be some time in the supine position, it is necessary to lift the leg up and make it a secure fit.This will improve the blood flow in the limbs that have an impact on the speedy resolution of hematoma and accelerate tissue regeneration.

Features of treatment

If you have severe pain or no improvement is necessary to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.When the desired effect will be given and the patient recovers, it is necessary to provide a set of physical therapy to regenerate the thigh adductors.Physical exercise is also very useful, so you need to pick up a patient exclusive complex.If after an injury to regularly exercise therapy, the full recovery of damaged muscles guaranteed.

Sometimes third-degree stretching surgery is indicated.When you want to sew the torn muscles strong, it is necessary to do the operation.After recovering from the effects of trauma to the patient and recommend the passage of physiotherapy and exercise.


usually stretching the muscles do not involve significant adverse effects.Even after a severe injury muscle function can be restored to the state that was to receive it.Treatment of hip adductor muscle occurs from one week to six months.If at this time to carry out all actions by the rules, then later a person will not have problems with the injured leg.

Exercises for hip adductors to be performed on a daily basis, giving them at least 20 minutes.If they are implemented as physical therapy, you should constantly monitor your feelings.If you have pain need to suspend classes or go with a more complex light exercise.To pass the full rehabilitation of the stretch that got hip adductors, and achieve a state equivalent to the health of the feet before the injury, you must perform a set of exercises and other therapeutic measures for a long time.The load must be evenly distributed on both limbs.Competent approach and will help to cure and develop the adductors, which beneficially affect the health and endurance of the legs.