Tropical House list Brazil

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Brazil - a wonderful country, which everyone knows because of the famous football player and cheerful carnival in Rio de Janeiro.It is in this city a local studio Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura in 2008 completed construction of an unusual beach house area of ​​800 square meters.

project was a result of the impact of the Brazilian Indian architecture perfectly meets the requirements of hot and humid climate.The roof is in the form of a large sheet protects from the sun as the interior and outdoor.

That area outdoor recreation make the extraordinary housing.Here, the owners and their guests spend most of the time.The ceiling height varies from three to nine meters, which allows the trade winds from the sea to blow the whole house, providing natural ventilation and passive cooling of buildings.

task of architects and designers was to build a high-tech is not at home, and the establishment of a close relationship between man and nature, trying at every opportunity not to separate them from each other.The house has no corridors, interior and exterior spaces are intertwined.Many sliding doors, most of which are made of glass, enclosed spaces open, allowing you to enjoy the ocean.

Downstairs everywhere visible presence of the surrounding landscape.Pool snake gets into the house, the dining room passes, turning from the porch into the pond with plants and fish.Veranda - a wonderful place to relax with five hammocks in Indian style, here referred to as Brazilian couches.The beams on the roof made of laminated wood (eucalyptus), the longest is 20 meters.Roof tiles covered with wood (pine).Rainwater is collected on the central steel tube and is used for watering the garden and toilets.

In the house you can find the most natural materials: stone, bamboo, wood, thanks to which, together with transparent glass, neutral oxidized copper is organically entered the building into the surrounding landscape.Varied textures only helped create a sense of harmony with nature.

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