Tasmania, Australia.

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Australia and Oceania is the tiniest part of the world.It comprises the eponymous mainland and about ten thousand small islands scattered over the western and central Pacific Ocean.The total area of ​​the region exceeds the mark of 8.5 million square kilometers.On its territory is home to about 34 million inhabitants.

General description

Australia Australia - the island, which is also the smallest planet in the mainland.Due to the very dry climate here is dominated by desert and dry savanna.The length of the coastline in view of Tasmania and other offshore islands is almost 60 thousand kilometers.In the north of the continent bordering the Arafura and Timor seas in the south and the west - the Indian Ocean and in the east - the Tasman and Coral Seas.Because the mainland has been actively populated only in the twentieth century, its territory mastered slightly.The population density here is a little more than two people per square kilometer.Australia is the only continent in the world, which is occupied by only one state.It was formed in the early twentieth century, separated from Britain, and now ranks among the most developed and richest on the planet.

country is divided into two territories and six states.The first administrative unit belongs Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.Australian States - is Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and West, as well as Tasmania.On the last of these in more detail and will be discussed further.

Geographical location

The structure of the state is not only to the island of the same name, but also a few small klaptikov sushi - Macquarie Flinders and King.Its capital is the second largest city of the state, which is called Hobart.Speaking about the whereabouts of Tasmania, it should be noted that the island is located at a distance of 240 kilometers from the mainland (south of it), from whom he is separated due to the Bass Strait.Eastern part bordering the Tasman Sea, and South and West - Indian Ocean.It should be noted that the island is a structural continuation of the Great Australian Dividing Range, and on its banks formed a large number of bays.


Tasmania open long before Australia was colonized.More Island in 1642 was visited by an expedition led by Dutch navigator Abel Tasman.These were the first Europeans who visited here.Then the land was named after the Governor-General of East India Dutch colony - Van Diemen's Land.According to some historical sources, it was he who sent the expedition to find new territories.


Like other Australian states, the island began to accustom the British colonialists in the early nineteenth century.English first landed here in 1802.The following year he was declared the second British colony in Australia.Then it was decided to turn this area into an island of convicts.The first famous village on its territory became erected in 1830 by the prisoners of Port Arthur.Its territory was divided into sectors and carefully guarded, because there lived people who have committed serious crimes.For them equipped hospital, temple and mail.The prison was closed only in the seventies of the nineteenth century.In 1856, the island of Tasmania received its present name.The corresponding decision was taken by the British government.In some states it was founded in 1901.

population in the state is home to about half a million people.Most of them are considered to be the Anglo-Australians, in other words - the descendants of British immigrants.Only one percent of the local people is the indigenous population.According to historical data, local Aborigines lived here about 40 thousand years.On the island there are also Indians, Chinese and some other nationalities.English is considered to be public.At the same time, it should be noted that he has a peculiar local accent.Local residents, including Aboriginal people, mostly profess Christianity.The predominant majority of them are Catholics, followed by the Church of England worshipers are, Protestants and Orthodox.Almost 4% of the population professes Buddhism and Islam.


Australia and South Pacific is one of the driest regions on the planet.Their territory is very little rain falls.Despite this, the people of Tasmania have the opportunity to enjoy all the seasons.This is due to the fact that for most of its territory is characterized by a temperate climate.It was formed under the influence of the ocean and the seas surrounding the island.Thus, there is neither severe cold or scorching heat.It is impossible not to note the fact that the state falls most rainfall in Australia.In the western part of Tasmania's average annual amount is 1000 mm, and in the east - 600 mm.

Spring Island falls on the period from September to November.The weather at this time is mostly cold and windy.The average temperature in summer is 23 degrees Celsius.There are times when the thermometer rises to the mark of 30 degrees.However, it is characteristic only of the distant shoreline areas.Fall in Tasmania is a relatively quiet season, which is characterized by cool nights and quite warm, sunny days.It should be noted that this is the time considered optimal for tourists visiting the state.In winter usually is frosty and clear weather.Quite often it snows.Whatever it was, at this time, the air is considered to be one of the cleanest in the world.


The main feature that distinguishes the nature of Tasmania, considered that it was formed several million years ago, and in this form survives to this day.In many ways, the scientists attribute this to the peculiarities of the formation of the island.About 250 million years ago, along with Australia, it was part of the vast continent known as Gondwana.Then he took about half the planet's surface, mostly covered with rain forest.As of today the situation has not changed much.Now the island is a territory of many highlands and plateaus.Nearly half of its area is covered with impenetrable forests, most of which still remains unexplored.It should be noted that in the world is one of the last parts of such.

on the island have survived the rare flora and fauna that has long become extinct in all other regions of the world.Among the local vegetation in the jungle can see eucalyptus, cypress and spinous antrotaksisy, southern beeches and other trees.In addition, it should be noted also the presence of a fairly rare species of lichens and mosses.The local forests have become a habitat for many found nowhere else fauna.The most famous and exotic animals of Tasmania - is koalas, dingoes, small penguins, possums, echidnas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, marsupial wolves and others.Apart from these, the island has about 150 species of birds.Most of them considered rare oranzhevobryuhy parrot, which is protected by law in Australia.Local rivers and lakes teeming with trout.


The island's economy is based on mining and agriculture.In particular, the region is rich in minerals such as zinc, tin, iron and copper.In addition, the high level of development here is the forest.Since the state of a temperate climate is different, as has been mentioned above, there are favorable conditions for the development of vineyards and orchards, as well as for the cultivation of many crops.About twenty percent of the available land classified as national parks and reserves, so farming them is impossible.Like the rest of Australia, Tasmania boasts a well-developed tourism sector.His education from 2001 to the present day contribute to favorable economic conditions in the country, including a cheap plane ticket and the new ferries, which provide transport support of the island to the mainland.Many residents work in government organizations.Another major employer here is the company The Federal Group, which owns several hotels and casinos, as well as engaged in processing of wood.


State and the island of Tasmania have their own capital.She is the oldest in Australia after Sydney Hobart.It was founded in 1804.As of today, its population is just over 210,000 inhabitants.City is not only the administrative but also the financial center of Tasmania, where ancient traditions blend harmoniously with the modern energetic lifestyle.Hobart is located in the southeastern part of the island at the mouth of the Derwent River.From here it goes to Antarctica, Australian and French expeditions.


Due to the so-called convict page in the history of the island of Tasmania attractions such origin are of great interest to tourists.No wonder that every year thousands of travelers visit the former fortress city jail and at the same time - Port Arthur Historic Site.Many popular tours are related to local natural areas and parks.On the territory of the South-West of the reserve you can take air tours, during which tourists can admire the untrodden rainforests, waterfalls and gorges.Is the island and its wine region with its big factories.

One of the main attractions of the capital is the center of arts Salamanca, which gathered numerous organizations, including art studios, galleries and concert halls.Quite popular in Hobart is the Museum of the monuments of the ancient world, surrounded by vineyards, 12 kilometers from the city.Great cultural importance and local building.It should be noted that more than ninety of them are protected by the National Society for Protection of Monuments.

Tourist attraction

Tasmania boasts a well-developed tourist infrastructure.In its most visited cities and regions without any problems, you can stay in a hotel, and students are offered a good selection of hostels.It is impossible not to note the presence of a large number of stations for the car rental.Local souvenir shops, tourists can purchase any national amulets and souvenirs.In general, on the island you can find entertainment on almost every taste - from the usual tours and ending diving.The main thing is what should be remembered is that the weekend of restaurants and shops are closed.

Conclusion In summary, it should be noted that the island of Tasmania is a very beautiful place, a significant part of whose territory is occupied by national parks.All of them are under state protection.There is almost everything that might interest the modern traveler - the primitive tropical forests, hills, valleys, waterfalls and clear waters.