How to clear your cache in Internet Explorer: instruction for beginners

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Today we will analyze the question of how to clear the cache in Internet Explorer.To make this operation should be able to every user.After all, it helps to significantly improve the performance of the browser.Especially for beginners will provide information explaining the importance of this operation.So, then you learn how to clear the cache in Internet Explorer.


Before you begin to study the manual, let's make a little history and define the meaning of the word "cash".It happened from the word cache, which in translation means "secret" or "hidden".Cache - a special storage, which contains the various files required to load a Web page.This can significantly increase the speed of download sites.When the browser will re-access the previously downloaded the portal, the files are loaded from the temporary storage.

also get cash viewed videos and audio recordings.In most programs, browsers have built-in to remove the accumulated files, and the list includes Internet Explorer."How do I clear the cache?" - This is the question asked by many inexperienced users.And just below it will provide detailed instructions.


To clear the browser cache Internet Explorer, perform the following steps listed.

  • Open your browser and go to the settings menu.To do this, click on the icon with the gears, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • the drop-down menu, select the item "Security", where there is a "Delete Browsing History."You can use a combination of keyboard keys «Ctrl + Shift + Del».
  • New window tick the item "Temporary Internet Files" and click "Delete."

automatic means

Previously, you learned how to clean Internet Explorer cache manually.But you can use the additional tools that are capable of performing all the work offline.These utilities generally have advanced functionality with lots of useful options.For example, you can set the timestamp after which temporary storage is cleaned by yourself.Or management by several browsers.

example of such tools is a program CCleaner.You can download it free from any file archive.The interface of this tool is so simple that it can cope with even the most inexperienced user.

Importance operations

Now you already know how to clear your cache in Internet Explorer in two ways.Also it is necessary to speak, what to do at all.

When excess filling temporary storage file browser becomes difficult to find the desired content.Because this is a certain confusion in the work of the action program.Perhaps even a complete failure to ship some portals, where there are many complex elements.Such problems are especially noticeable on a computer with low performance.


Clean cache at least once a day.The speed of the increase of your browser.You can use both built-in and third-party programs.We hope you have learned how to clear the cache in Internet Explorer.