How to clean cookies in "Mazilu": instructions for Novikov

Today, I make out the question of how to clean cookies "Mazilu".Many inexperienced users are not even aware of the existence of these elements in their programs.Therefore, this article will also provide a summary of the basic information.So, get ready, then you learn how to clean cookies "Mazilu".


Cookie (cookie) - a fragment of a single Web site that is saved on the user's computer.With cookie English translates as "cookies".Therefore, in some cookies called simply the word.Typically, the computer user stores data taken from the form filling.You probably have often clashed with them, such as login and password.Cookies allow you to get rid of the annoying process of filling these fields.When you try to open a Web page contents of the form will be automatically filled in and sent to the management server.Most modern portals require users to support cookies in Internet browsers.Below is a detailed answer to the question of how to clean cookies in your browser.


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Although instruction and intended only for the program Mozilla Firefox, it can be used in other utilities.The entire removal process is similar in the majority of these applications.To clean the cookies Firefox, perform the following steps described.

  1. Open your browser and go to Quick removal.To do this, click on the words Firefox, which is located in the upper left corner.The drop-down menu, hover over the "Journal" and select "Clear Recent History now."
  2. You will see a small window where you have to choose a time interval for which the accumulated information.And the bottom is necessary to tick the item "cookies".
  3. Then just click on the "delete now."

more information

Previously, you learned how to clean cookies "Mazilu" without the possibility of selecting individual portals.But sometimes you want to remove information from only one site.In the browser, "Mozilla" is done through the settings.You need to open the privacy panel, which is a tool called "remove individual cookies."Here you can manually select the desired method own site and delete all the information that was given to him.

automatic means

built-in browser utility excels at the task.But in some situations it is necessary to obtain enhanced functionality with additional capabilities.We are talking about third-party programs.For example, CCleaner.This utility allows you to erase cookies in multiple browsers.At the request can be set to automatically delete after a specified time interval.


Using information provided in the article, you can easily, and most importantly, self-erasing cookies.Just do not get too zealous and remove them every half hour.Sense of these very frequent operations will not.Suffice it to format once a week.I hope you learned from this article, how to clean cookies in "Mazilu".