How does the butterfly gonepteryx?

unlikely that you will find a man who would not like a beautiful butterfly.And they are all adorable, each in its own way.It does not matter what the color of a moth: Belenky, little yellow or black with bright spots, like the eye.All they look delicate little flowers, swirling in the air.The only disappointment - their life is very short.For many it is calculated for days.

Let's talk about what it looks like butterfly gonepteryx.In the summer of difficult to pass on the squares, parks or blossoming meadow and found there fluttering moths.Many of them live in the tropics, but there are some who have settled in our latitudes.These include the charming little yellow creature.Probably everyone knows what it looks like butterfly gonepteryx - for its color it got its name.


it belongs to the family of Belyanko (Pieridae) and has a fairly common habitat.It extends to North Africa, Europe, Asia and Japan.Normally the butterfly can be seen in clearings in open forests, in the city flower beds, gardens and parks.Often it flutters at the edges of forests, where buckthorn grows.The leaves of this plant are food for its larvae.For this butterfly is sometimes called GONEPTERYX RHAMNI.This long-liver among these insects.It often happens that she lived for over a year.It hibernates in the leaves or grass.Its active years usually begins with the spring and lasts until September.

How does the butterfly gonepteryx?

Coloring moth depends on the sex of the individual.In males it is bright yellow top and light green, the color of the leaf, the underside of the wing.Females have greenish-white and in flight are very similar to the usual cabbage.On all wings in the center is a red dot.The front of the top pair has a tip.In appearance very similar to other butterfly species - Belyanko Cleopatra.They differ only in reddish band situated on the lower side of the front fender.These butterflies are among the first wake up after sleeping in the spring.Then they become an ornament of gardens, meadows and forests.

The moths eat?

How does the butterfly gonepteryx, it is no secret.Each of us met her, not once.But what they eat, they do not know everything.What they flit from flower to flower, we know even small children.But what are they going to have?Just nectar.Eating them, they accumulate strength for the winter.An interesting fact is that many of the butterflies are dying because of the destruction of the plants that feed their larvae.But gonepteryx found a way out.Butterflies began to eat other plants, and this has helped them to survive.

Another curious fact is that when taking pictures you see in the picture, it's white butterfly.Pictures in this case will give more accurate color moth.It is very interesting to watch in the spring for her mating flight.It is a fascinating spectacle.Usually, the female flies in front, and the male follows her at the same distance.From afar it seems that he pulled the string.This is such an amazing creature this butterfly.