Making flowers wedding (photos)

From an early age every girl dreams of her wedding day.About how her dress outfits outshine all the girlfriends about how she would dance with a handsome prince.And, of course, should be a sea of ​​flowers.But why go way stereotypes when you can show imagination ?!And it is not necessary to work in order to realize the dream.You can order the registration of the colors of the wedding.

dream wedding

What could be more beautiful than a sea of ​​flowers?Only in love with a woman in the midst of this splendor!Not for nothing a woman with a flower compared poets!No wonder its beauty emphasized shadows and blush, in order to strengthen the similarity with a tea rose.And the happiest day of his wedding woman wants to be surrounded only bright and happy things.At the wedding flowers is always a place.Firstly, the most important in the life of the bride's bouquet.Secondly, it can be on-site registration arch, overgrown with flowers.Third, it is bouquets bridesmaids, which ideally should be in harmony or contrast with the bride's bouquet.Making wedding flowers - a relatively new service, but demanded.Every bride wants to be in a floral paradise, but often order such a service does not allow finance.

Flower fashion

Making wedding colors - is an art that requires a delicate taste and sense of proportion.It is very elegant, but very expensive way to transform a room, make it a festive and romantic.You can only decorate the restaurant, which will host the event, but you can take care of the design of the house of the bride and the registrar.Beautiful and delicate look rose petals on the floor, with fresh flowers boutonniere matching flower diadem.Increasingly, brides choose flower wreath with a crown instead of the usual veil.Making your wedding flowers - a selection of natural colors, bizarre shapes and original textures.But the bonus is the fragrance of your favorite plants.Many studios offer a partial clearance of wedding flowers.Photos in numerous portfolio allows to make sure that the colors harmoniously combine with the fabric.In this scenario, you can play with light to create halftones and place the event in a particular category.If you are afraid that the flowers fade early, it is likely, given the fact that they are rarely sold fresh at all, think about the design of the wedding colors and fabrics, with artificial flowers can be.However, this option is good only if you have no prejudice to the lifeless colors.

Trend season

You may have noticed that now the wedding fashion has changed.Priel magnificent ball gown silhouette, still less a bride clean hair in a high bun and corset looks kazusno and highly annoying.That came to fashion and wedding bouquets.The trend artificial bouquets of felt or beads, flowers and handmade bouquets with plush toys.On the one hand, it is very practical and original version, because such bouquet will stay at home for several years, will retain its brightness and presentable, and the pictures are original with him.But on the other hand, it you need a home wedding bouquet?Maybe better to choose a design of flowers wedding?It all depends on the desire of the bride, but we must bear in mind that under any scenario and serious attitude to the event is a bouquet accent pivot on which registration occurs wedding colors.

accents in the room

If finances allow, and temporary supply, better predvatelno make orders from the relevant services.For example, an order for registration of wedding flowers is advisable to make at least one month before the event.The main focus will be at the table of young people, which is usually constructed horizontal flower arrangement.At the guest table may be small compositions.If the wedding is decorated in a certain color, the plants will be in a single scheme.Incidentally, in this case, the costumes and the colors should show a single composition.Many companies offering design wedding flowers, photos in their albums put on foreign florists, as there are some successful techniques and color combinations.But is it worth to pay for someone else's work, if you can just copy the good options ?!

His hands

Yes, you can handle and make registration of wedding flowers with his own hands.Such an option has pros and cons.The advantages otnesёm costs, because you will not have to pay for someone else's work, although it is unlikely you will be able to do all the work alone.We'll have to call friends and family, which then need to be fed, and in the process somehow more entertaining.Incidentally, it is worth remembering that all accredited assistants in advance at your wedding.Then go unambiguous cons.You will not be able to provide a presentable appearance of colors, as is likely, they will have to order from afar.Flowers will spend a lot of time on the road, with wrinkle and they can be scratched.So is it worth it?Is not it better to entrust the job to professionals, from which you can ask for the result?

What's the money?

total amount of expenses for a wedding consists of many factors.If you wish, you can save well, if with the florist to select flowers, replace expensive fabric on a more democratic, less chic pick up the backlight.On average, a comprehensive design area newlyweds can be estimated at 10 thousand rubles.This is the default option, but if you add a thematic design, chair covers and premium backlit backdrop, the price increases by almost half.Textile and flower decoration of tables for guests cost about 200-500 rubles.In each column, add more, at least a thousand.If you exit the ceremony, the arch can also decorate with flowers, it takes a minimum of five thousand by the most conservative estimates.

themed wedding

example, you want to celebrate a wedding in the image of Shrek and Fiona?And you can always attracted image Beauty and the Beast?Whatever the case, remember that immediately suggests a fairy tale?The brightness of the colors!Fiona color - green, and Belle successfully combined in dresses sunny yellow and blue colors.You may recall Cinderella, which emphasized his "blonde" charm pale blue dress.You, too, want to shine, so why not make the wedding a fairy?Florists can decorate the room in shades of favorite stories, create original floral arrangements with your names or other romantic attributes.Their task - creating important accents.You can also order the work in a certain color.For example, often chosen design coral wedding colors.It is very comfortable color, although it is considered bright.You can add any shades, combining clothes of different colors.It is the color feminine and flirty, but not necessarily prerbarschivat with its use.Colors include tulips and roses, poppies and amaryllis.Also you can show imagination and combine tropical flower varieties.