"Alaverdi" - what is it?

Georgian hospitality is famous worldwide.Those who have experienced it for yourself, then for a long time remember the rich feast with gay guests, witty master of ceremonies and share those memories with others.

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was in Georgia often sounds "Alaverdi" - a word, the most suitable for cheerful feasts.However, it has already migrated to other countries, especially the former Soviet Union, where it is used is not always intended.

For example, in a noisy feast, when people have a good refreshment and "took on his chest," is not easy to listen to the end fidgets toasts, especially if they differ zanudlivym and frankly boring.That sounds endless "Alaverdi" those who can not wait to have its say, to add to the speech toast own clever ideas.

At best, in the European tradition alaverdy means something like this: "Let me add to what was said."When one of toasts finishes it, the other with the word "Alaverdi" continues to develop the theme.

Alaverdi - what is it?

in the Georgian tradition, everything is different.Toast to interrupt there simply is not accepted, and is considered to be the height of ignorance - disrespect to the people invited to the celebration.Only when the toast had finished his speech, he or toastmaster pass the word to other guests.That this action, transfer to another toast, and of the meaning of "Alaverdi".Incidentally, the Dictionary of it and treats.And this word refers to the neuter, puts among indeclinable and immutable.However, it says also that it can be used also in the sense of reciprocal toast, apology or action.

as a translation of "Alaverdi"?

appears etymology does not connect us directly with Georgia and its hospitality.The word "Alaverdi" consists of two words: allah, which translates from Arabic as "God" and verdi - in Turkic means "given."The result is: "Give you a god," or even, in one embodiment, "God be with you."

However, there is one more translation when both parts are transferred from the Turkic word "ala" - "take", "Verdi" - "given."So, something like: "I give, you take."This option is already possible to accommodate within the meaning of the transmission of toast from one speaker to the next at the ceremony.

Alaverds and Alaverdoba

And how Georgians themselves interpret, which means "Alaverdi"?Their version is based on historical events.In the XVII century, one of the famous princes of Georgia Bidzina Cholokashvili Kakheti decided to help get rid of the Persians.To his idea certainly was a success, he, in turn, asked for help from the duchy of ksani, which is located next door - in the Ksani gorge.Neighbors have not given up, sent a messenger with a message that still had to be properly understood.Prince message translated correctly: the word "alaverds" meant Avelardoba - the feast day, which is celebrated on 28 September.That same day, help came to Prince Bidzina and Kakheti was released.

memory alive

Strangers ask alaverdy - what is it?And Georgians each time the sound of the word remember the deeds of their ancestors.And the purpose of toasting, which they say at various festivals, - connect the past, present and future in an indivisible whole.Therefore, the Georgian toasts are often very long, heard from 10 to 15 minutes, can accommodate a proverbs and quotes, be sure to have a different wisdom and edifying end.

to memory is blunted, a reminder of the ancient temple of events is Alaverdi.However, it was built long before the events described in the V century Avvoyu Joseph, who then preached Christianity in Georgia.The old temple is located near the town of Telavi.Of course, he was repeatedly destroyed by time and by the raids of the enemies, but restored, for example, in 1741.In this church is the tomb of the kings of Kakheti.Thousands of pilgrims flock here on September 14 marking the temple festival.

Alaverdi sounds at feasts

probably will not need to ask: Alaverdi - what is it?Since this kind of attribute of any Georgian feast.On the last I want to talk too much.

Georgian feast - a fascinating effect with many customs reminiscent of royal banquet or a theatrical performance.Hospitality Georgians should learn.After all, they have nothing to be sorry for our dear guests.To expose to the table the best that there is in the house.The number of all kinds of food and drinks may exceed the guests eat it all.

on the main feast is a toastmaster, precisely because it raised the first toast.During the toast toastmaster guests should be prepared to continue his speech.Tamada has the right to prevent the next "speaker", but to offer a word suddenly, at the end of his toast by saying, "Alaverdi".According to the custom of the feast lasts many hours.Tamada all the time keeps order, declares breaks and even penalize latecomers guests.

Yet Georgian feast - is primarily a contest in eloquence.Traditionally, these feasts strictly adhere to the festival theme, following a particular sequence from the first to the last toast.All toasts are musical and song accompaniment.It is important to toast suffered idle talk and flattery, and differed sincerity, honesty and wisdom.

repeat once again: Toast Georgians interrupt is not accepted, on the contrary, all participants feast carefully listen to each other.

Finally ...

The final part of the article on "Alaverdi - what is it?", Perhaps, should be referred to the next word and hear Georgian toast toast.

So: "In this hospitable country, there is a belief, if the time that a person spends with honored guests, do not count him in age.So guests in Georgia is called a messenger of God.So let us drink for the respected and honored guests that prolong our youth! »


«house that does not have a good foundation, with the passage of time is destroyed.The family has no prudent and intelligent host ruined.At home or in a family where there is a welcoming and kind host, the guests did not happen.So let us drink for the master of the house durable, wise and hospitable! »