How to enter the FSB?

each known lines from a poem by Mayakovsky: "All the works are good, choose on taste!".Indeed, every person defines for themselves their future profession - someone wants to become a financier, someone - a doctor and for some dream since childhood - to work in the Federal Security Service.Where to learn the profession, how to act in the FSB, and what you need to do and be able to know?

online at FSB, there are many details, which tells about the work of this structure and its peculiarities.There you can find out in detail how to proceed in the FSB.

In every city where there is a division of the Federal Security Service, there is a control on personnel matters.Check with experts, universities have better apply.It should be borne in mind that in order to apply to the admissions office of the university, you need to have the direction of the Department of Personnel of the FSB, without your documents will not even be considered.

Before you learn how to enter the FSB, it is important to determine the direction in which you want to learn a profession.You will need to choose among many types of employment of this structure: intelligence, border operations, the fight against terrorism, crime, counter-intelligence, information security.

For example, if you want to become a counter-intelligence officer, should learn how to enter the Academy of the Federal Security Service, that they teach in this area.Counterintelligence department, created in 1998, prepares future legal professionals on national security.On admission to the counterintelligence faculty need to pass a psychological screening, medical examination, physical fitness test.Also be sure the procedure for admission to the information constituting a state secret.

Academy of the FSB of Russia is famous for highly qualified teachers who focus on legal training of students.This means that, even going into "reserve", the FSB will always be able to find a job.

In order to enroll in the Federal Security Service, the desire alone is not enough.There are a number of limitations, which passed the selection of applicants.Be sure to have a strong physical fitness, good health.When a need to pass regulations on the run, pulling up on the bar and cross country skiing.

In addition, you must be a capable citizen of the Russian Federation.Convictions or injunctions completely guarantee denial of admission to the service of the FSB.It is important to have an impeccable biography, not only you, but also to close relatives.

close relatives should not work in subordination to each other;In addition, there may be a desire to relatives to go abroad for permanent residence.If they are already living in another country, it could also serve as a basis for denial of admission to the university.Absolutely can not specify the false information in the application form the applicant is also not necessary to make the false information about income of family members.

thinking about what to do in the FSB, it must be remembered that the university will be accepted only those applicants who are behind in the army, it must be remembered every man of military age.The site has a complete list of the FSB grounds for refusal of entry.Study it carefully, you can understand, there is a chance to become a student.

universities FSB take the most worthy citizens: educated, physically fit, mentally balanced, suitable for personal and business qualities.Entered the service of the FSB, to be ready for what will have to work throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.