What business is more profitable to open today

Today, there are more people who want to improve their financial well-being, start their own business.The main problem that arises for those who want to build your business is not even find the money, and the choice of production niches.

From the correctness of the decision depends on your income and the viability of the case.To alleviate some of the meal choices, see the article, the most popular line of business, which are most prevalent in our country.

What niche is not completely filled?

If we talk about the situation in the country as a whole, last year marketers identifies the following perspective directions of activity.

  1. traditional niche, which always takes place the rotation players is trading.
  2. Not normal food manufacturers, furniture and consumer goods.
  3. than ever, weak competition in the fields of tourism, personal services and business consulting.It's not the number of companies that are engaged in this business, and the low quality of services offered.

So what is more profitable to open a business in this country?First of all, pay attention to the small business segment, as the recent legislative initiatives in the field of increasing the tax burden trite scared away many aspiring producers and opened the way for more competitive businesses.


In our country, individuals almost never master the housing sector.Of course, the number of management companies is increasing, but the honest players among them very little.If you will provide its customers with quality services at reasonable prices, this business is very attractive prospect.

go unconventional ways

deciding which is more profitable to open a business, do not try to go in the wake of generally accepted dogma.For example, few people believed in the profitability of artificial snow in Russia ... is business owners just do not get rich after Sochi.Given the pace of development of tourist business in the North Caucasus, the prospects for such "abnormal" are undertaking very interesting.

Important!Although it has been known for a long time, especially now experts warn against "quickies" in their endeavors.Even the most profitable idea can be ruined in the bud, treat their customers as a wallet on legs.

This is especially true for food production, which in recent years is something indescribable.The absence of state standards and FZ has generated so many irregularities and fraud, honest manufacturer that is able to easily acquire a lot of money, merely observing the production technology and producing tasty and high quality products.

Startups and other "new-fangled trends»

reiterates that conservatism in business profits punished.When deciding what type of business is more profitable to open, look at the wider world: high technology and mobile games production nettotopov etc ... All this can bring you a lot of money.

Games on social networks

remember what a stir at the time called the senselessness of his infamous "Happy Farmer"?More precisely, it was only those players, while the creators of rowing money with a shovel.So invest in a potentially attractive game, you can become a millionaire.

such examples - a huge amount.Recall at least "Angry Birds", which started as a silly joke, and now bring their creators millions.

Cloud technologies

Due to distrust the major players in this market, many companies are beginning to abandon the cloud.Here are just completely do not succeed, but because the virtual data warehouse from third-party companies are becoming more popular.By organizing

cloud storage, guaranteed protected from encroachment customers can count on the good fees from interested people.

Services Setting up a home multimedia systems

in recent years dramatically increased the number of consumers buying sophisticated and functional multimedia systems for the organization of home theater.That's just the level of technical literacy buyers often leaves much to be desired, so that services to configure this type of equipment are on "hurray".The main thing - to hire a polite and tech-savvy employees.

Such a small profitable business will provide you with easy money in the required amounts.

translation of technical documents

Until recently, almost every wall of the entrance are full of advertisements about the services of a translation agency.Unfortunately, almost all of them provide only the possibility of translating literary texts.Simply put, find a specialist who could literally to convey the meaning of a technical project, it is practically impossible.

Take advantage of this!Niche technical translation completed almost a third, even in large cities, not to mention the province.But the demand for such services is growing all the time!

Hotels Pet

Wondering what kind of business is more profitable to open, in any case, do not forget the pet lovers.Looking thematic forums, you define one important caveat: if the owners of a dog or a cat going to fly off on holiday to another country, it is very often simply have no place to leave your pet.This niche market almost full, and the cost of such services is huge.

Private veterinary clinics

Looking reviews of state veterinary clinics can sometimes shed a tear.In many places, the situation is such that the animals receive are people who do not have the slightest idea of ​​Veterinary Medicine.However, this does not preclude a requirement for the "treatment" of a lot of money.

Thus, organizing the normal clinic and taking on the work of specialists, not the first counter-citizens without a specific occupation, you will quickly unwind and gain circle of regular customers.Do not forget about the strict supervision of the SES and Rospotrebnadzor.Of course, this is not the most profitable business, but the profitability of at least 40% - this is not bad at all.

small pet store

Again, back to the topic of pets.If you have a child at least once visited the pet store, you probably remember the incredible emotions that are experienced there.Even in large cities are not so much, to say nothing about the smaller towns!

But they can not just sell the hamsters and cats, but also animal feed, fertilizers, troughs and bowls, specialized literature devoted to the cultivation and care of the animals.

Meat and dairy shops

continue sore subject power.Many have become accustomed to the fact that even in major retail chains there is not risk to buy an illusory simply spoiled meat and dairy products.This is especially noticeable in medium-sized cities.

So it is very profitable business in Russia - is the sale of fresh and high-quality agricultural products.Of course, it needs to get a lot of documents from the SEC permitting and other regulatory authorities, but it is worth it.

reception points for recycling

unfortunately, in our country is that the very difficult situation both by the waste and its recycling.This is especially true in the spring, when from under the snow crawl literally tons of trash.

Given the situation, it is quite possible to turn to their advantage.We are talking about the organization receiving the item plastic, glass and paper.As in recent years on the environment started to pay even minimal attention received secondary raw materials processing plants willingly.


Yes, anticipate your indignation.Of course, we ourselves talking about that we should not be commonplace in the selection of the ideas for the business, but can be profitable to open a business in this case.In principle, most of the more or less large cities there is a cafe, but that's only the quality and taste characteristics of the food that they serve in many cases very far from perfect.

So what is a profitable business it is best to open in catering?In recent years there has been increased interest in the pubs.Yes, it is an echo of the traditional British, who turned out to taste our citizens.

Of course, it is not a banal beer with questionable contingent, and about restaurants, where you can not only enjoy a high-quality beer, but also to eat.Competition in this area there is little, so the prospects for this kind of business are huge.


And what a profitable business can be opened?Tip to the banal simple: look for unoccupied areas apply to the process of the imagination.Opportunities for earning mass, so just do not miss them!