Most effective ways how to stop loving guy

How to stop loving guy

Imagine a situation where he and she met a long time, loved, and probably lived together.Then all of a sudden, he really did not explain away to the other, throwing unhappy in splendid isolation.Tragically, these situations happen very often, romance quickly ended, but the psychological wound of the girl will be a very long time to heal.How to ease the suffering of women after parting?There are several effective ways to quickly fall out of love Man.

Like a Man out of love with the help of fantasy

Try to imagine the former in some ridiculous and absurd situations.Let us as his new passion for a business meeting doroguschy poured on his suit a cup of hot coffee.You will see for yourself how the mood instantly rise.

Imagine yourself in five years - you succeed in business, an expensive foreign car, in a beautiful dress, with you next to a spectacular young man.Well, inspiring?But all this is quite possible, is wanted and believe.

And, you can imagine that your new boyfriend - a celebrity.Well, for example, Tom Cruise.I think if you compare Hollywood handsome and your ex, the results are not in favor of the latter.

How to stop loving guy distracted from the sad thoughts

switch should not entertaining, interesting case.Sign up for some courses, visit the training, or even just walk to the gym.Several weeks of enhanced training and your sadness and longing silently pass.The variant to leave with his head in the work, but it is if you like, or you may aggravate the situation and make a worse depression.

Like a Man out of love, having assessed values ​​

very good and effective way of getting rid of illusions is a clear, detailed and rational assessment of all the qualities of the former man.If heavy and very difficult to criticize a man Cator once betrayed, should call for help mom or best friend to help them understand, sort through all its advantages, and the most important disadvantages.To begin with his physical qualities.Taking a picture of him you need a sober assessment of his appearance.You can imagine yourself in the role of women customers in the store, you would have to buy this product?What price can it indicate?But whether there factory marriage?Rather, it is far from ideal.This exercise really will do you good.

How to stop loving guy becoming queen

order to become a beauty queen does not need to exhaust yourself diets or brutal to go under the surgeon's knife.It will be quite enough on a nice sunny day porogulyatsya shopping.Buy yourself the most seductive and stunning outfits to choose glamorous shoes, and look at the beauty salon.What sense sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself roaring in the pillow?When a little effort, you can prove to yourself and to the world (and including it), what exactly are you a beauty queen.Let see and realize what a treasure lost!

How to stop loving guy and forget?Rather, find a new love

probably the one with whom you have left is not a prince on a white horse.It is to look around, it is possible that the one you've been looking for, very close.It is beautiful and worthy of you, and you simply do not notice, depriving their attention.

to start a new relationship should be clearly understood for myself that it is parting forever, and in my heart there is not even the slightest hope for a refund of past relationships.Listen to your heart, there should remain no desire to call, meet or something to find out.But all his attempts to communicate have easily stopped.This is very important as to begin life with a clean slate, perhaps just turning the page.