William Lawsons (whiskey): reviews of Scotch whiskey

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Every drink has its own history, which is usually associated with the name of its creator.William Lawsons - whiskey, which is, in fact, a generous gift.

Scraps stories

future owner of the famous brand was born in 1853 in Scotland.From childhood he dreamed of traveling, but life for the time did not allow him to carry out his wishes.A dream come true only after the marriage.Lawson and his wife moved to Ireland, where he was hired by the company, "Edward and John Burke."The company engaged in the export of alcoholic beverages.The industrious and enterprising manager immediately liked the owners.For special diligence they decided to reward him generously.Gift surpassed all expectations.The owners of the company was named after William Lawsons whiskey blend which has been known since 1849.It was a truly royal gesture.Present radically changed the life of William.Soon he became a director of the company, and a little later, creating a firm William Lawson Distillers LTD, have started producing their own high-quality alcoholic beverages.Over time, his company purchased the larger companies, and since 1992 William Lawsons - whiskey, which manufactures and exports all over the world famous company Bacardi.

close cooperation

Bacardi Limited Company sells its products in many countries.Demand for high-quality alcohol is large enough, so the customer base is growing every year.But sometimes the economic barriers between countries in the form of excise taxes on alcohol creates in this issue are some difficulties.This accordingly leads to an increase in prices and, as a result, a reduction in sales.Bacardi Experts have found a way out of this situation.So, for example, in Russia created an independent company "Bacardi Rus", which in the long term plans to deal with packing and sales of well-known European products.I decided to start working together with William Lawsons.The whiskey will be produced at home and send in sealed containers to Russia.And already here, under the terms of the contract, the drink is bottled and sold through the trading network.This will reduce the final price of the finished product by approximately 20 percent.Such a method has recently often used by large producers to increase exports of its own products.

assortment of famous whiskey

range of goods brand, named after William Lawson, is large enough.Among the many models available as a commodity, and options premium.Many products still are popular in European countries.In Russia, too, is well-known whiskey William Lawsons.Its price is quite affordable.Most often in our shops you can find:

  • ordinary whiskey "William Lawson" 0.5 liter and 40% alcohol at the price of 565 rubles;
  • "William Lawson" 13-year-old endurance capacity of 0.75 liters and 40% alcohol at the price of 1563 rubles;
  • "William Lawson" in a gift box volume of 0.75 liters and 40% alcohol and costs 863 rubles;
  • "William Lawson Super Spaysd" volume of 0.75 l and a strength of 35% at the price of 864 rubles.

Each option has its own characteristics, but they are all mandatory aged in oak barrels.It is worth noting that not only consumers, but also experts of world renown confirm decent quality whiskey William Lawsons.The price of the goods, of course, take into account his numerous prizes and awards.

regional division

All known whiskey brands in the world can be divided on a territorial basis.In some countries were able to create a unique style of the famous drink.It is customary to allocate:

  1. Scotch whiskey.There are three types of it: malt, grain and blended (mixture of grain and malt).The drink must be made in Scotland and be delayed for at least three years.
  2. Irish whiskey.There are the following types: pure, single malt, grain and blended.Exposure of such whiskey ranges from 8 to 12 years old and above.
  3. Canadian whiskey must be made from grain grown in the country, and is sustained by all the rules of more than 3 years.
  4. American Whiskey is only two types: direct (bourbon, of Tennessee, bourbon with wheat, corn and rye) and blended.
  5. Japanese whiskey is divided into the same types as the Scots.

In each of these countries has its numerous brands that are popular and freely compete with other alcoholic beverages.

What drink compatriots

Recently we conducted research whose aim was to determine which are the most popular brands of whiskey in Russia.It takes into account not only sales, but also share a percentage of that takes one or another drink on the market.The undisputed leader was "William Lawson" production Bacardi Limited.In 2013, our country has sold 7.1 million liters of the drink.It occupies 18.3% of the total share of the alcohol market Russia.These figures suggest that consumers are happy to buy goods.This fact can not but rejoice producer.Second and third place respectively occupied White Horse and Bell`s production company Diageo.Their sales is much lower (5.4 and 4.2 million liters).In fourth place Jameson from the company Pernod Ricard.And the fifth - Johnnie Walker produce the same volume of Diageo with just 2.7 million liters.Of course, the above statistics has not considered rather important price factor, although he may have played a decisive role.

Customer Reviews

For any manufacturer it is important to know the views of the consumers of the product.This is perhaps the most important thing.After all, no medals and prizes will not replace the people's love and will not give the desired profits.What about this can be said about whiskey William Lawson?Reviews of this product in two ways.Some speak of a decent quality and good exposure.Connoisseurs with experience say that for the price of whiskey just wonderful.Those who are less aware, trying to find in it any apparent deficiencies.Someone claims that the presence of dark caramel causes headaches after drinking.This is not true.In some kinds of really present sugar color (caramel), and from there, as you know, the head does not hurt.In principle, most tasters agree that whiskey - a brew.And for such a relatively small amount of the claim it is simply ridiculous flaws.But you can bet.Is moonshine is a common stand for 12 or even 18 years?You just have to be able to drink it.This is the feature of the drink.According to some experts, too, are based on it.

interesting specimens

special place among the variety of Scotch whiskey takes William Lawsons 13. Features production concluded in the name of the drink.According to the technology he has kept for at least thirteen years in oak barrels.Last, the thirteenth year it is held in containers made of burnt oak, which previously held bourbon.This storage method allows you to give the drink a darker color.In addition, the finished whiskey acquires a pronounced taste of chocolate-vanilla component.The finish is at it more soft and long.After a sip of the drink in the mouth for a while there is a slight dryness with clear notes of coffee and vanilla.The drink belongs to the category of blended products and has a higher price compared to other products of this brand.However, an unusual flavor and is primarily a fairly large exposure of whiskeys make any and all treat him with respect.

Do not make the wrong choice

Whiskey, like any other product in high demand, immediately arouses interest fans of easy money.They are enterprising people who want to make good money on the tastes and public opinion.Forgery of whiskey becomes their direct income.To avoid purchasing low-quality alcohol, should be very careful when buying and observe the following rules:

  1. Do not chase cheapness.A good drink is always respectively.
  2. Going to the store, it is necessary to know exactly what it looks like packaging and whether it has special protection.
  3. present whiskey never contain extraneous components as colorants and flavoring agents.
  4. product should be from brown to pale yellow.The precipitate and impurities are not allowed.
  5. When shaking on the surface of the liquid is usually form large bubbles, which are stored for a long time.
  6. must have a malt beverage or the smell of oak, but in any case not an alcoholic.

Well, the most important thing: buying a whiskey, you must navigate the names.Otherwise there is a risk to buy a life-threatening product.