Substantial defects in the goods.

Every time buying any goods and services, people hope that they will be of good quality.However, no one is immune from the purchase, do not meet the requirements.Of course, the question arises, what to do in such a case.This is what will be discussed in the material in this article.


law and legal activities aimed at meeting the needs of the buyer.Therefore, if detected any defects acquired things, it is possible to return back to the seller.Of course, the same is true in the event that certain conditions are met (for example, the warranty period has not expired).


Typically, the order of refund or exchange of goods all aware, though to varying degrees.However, most customers do not have some knowledge that would enable them to have a full understanding of their rights.Consider, what are the shortcomings of production.The most common classification distinguishes two major categories: essential and simple.As to the second number are all kinds of defects that do not fall under the description of the first category, it is logical to find out what are the signs of improper determine product quality.

significant shortcomings

product defects related to this group, as a rule, are part of one of the following five points.

  1. Disadvantages, the removal of which is impossible without a significant expenditure of time and material resources.
  2. flaw manifested even after attempting to correct it.
  3. repeatedly found defects.
  4. flaws that can not be eliminated.
  5. All other similar faults.

Thus, the definition of "significant deficiencies goods" is as follows: defects and faults, the existence of which makes it impossible or unacceptable normal operation of the product (including the works or services), depending on the desired purpose, andand flaws not be corrected, because of which the consumer can not have those to which he is entitled to expect after the conclusion of the agreement.In addition, regulatory documents is also provided, the term "acceptable deviation".This concept is another indicator of the quality of products.The amount of deviation can be tolerated in the case if the characteristics of the goods does not exceed the limits specified in the associated regulatory documentation.However, if any component goes beyond the frame, then indicate the presence of a defect.

technically complex products

to such category includes all kinds of vehicles, household and farm equipment, computer equipment.In that case, if you purchased the product, referring to the category, and within fifteen days from the purchase date found any significant defects in the goods, you have the full right to return it to the seller.It is important to note that there is also the possibility of the exchange of low-quality products with a faultless product.However, no one does not exclude the probability of detection of any defects after the expiry of the aforesaid period.In such situations the current legislation of that State has the following options.

1. Return or exchange

exchange goods inadequate quality or recovery of money spent to acquire it, it is carried out within the warranty period.However, the need for mandatory compliance with certain conditions.Here are some of them.

  1. significant drawback of technically sophisticated products, which is fatal or reappear, even after trying to repair.In addition, this category usually refers such defects, which are necessary to eliminate the significant financial and time investment.
  2. defective products was sales representative, who has pledged to remove the flaw, but broke a predetermined timeframe to eliminate product defects.It should be noted that this condition applies to the repair organizations that have signed an agreement with the seller.
  3. product can not be used by the buyer for more than 30 days (in total) each year during the warranty period specified in connection with attempts to eliminate defects in the product.

2. Repair

significant drawback of technically sophisticated products can be eliminated by mutual consent of the parties for the account of the seller or buyer.It is imperative to provide a document confirming implemented all costs of repair.

3. Reducing the cost

This event made quite rare, but it is the place to be.After the conclusion of a special agreement between the parties may be decided to reduce the purchase price of goods in the amount of the previously agreed amount.

fault detection

Modern man often quite well informed about their rights.Therefore, once found significant defects in the goods acquired them, the consumer immediately exposes the seller claims.Currently, conventionally divided the entire period of operation at four time intervals.

  1. 15 days from the date of transfer of the products in question to the buyer.
  2. period of 15 days before the term expires is the product warranty.
  3. After the above time period.
  4. special item to be considered the case when the warranty period is not provided by the company.Under such circumstances, the consumer needs to know that he has the right to exchange and return of faulty goods within two years of receiving it from the seller.Let us consider what to do in cases where the detection of a significant shortage of goods occurred in each of the previously described periods of time.

1. No more than 15 days

In that case, if you find any drawback, you have every right to renunciation of the goods of inadequate quality and the subsequent return of spent funds;exchange for satisfying the requirements of an analogue product or a different model;reducing the cost of production;as well as the implementation of a full and immediate repair, produced by the seller.In addition, if the operation due to lack of consideration had been damaged, it is necessary to demand reimbursement.

2. During the warranty period

This period of time has its own characteristics.All of the above requirements may be applied to the category in question only if the following conditions are observed:

  • company serving the seller does not comply with the terms of repair specified in the document entitled "The act of marriage goods."
  • Products has a significant drawback.
  • buyer can not use the purchased goods for more than thirty days (in total) in each year.

3. After a lifetime

In case the product warranty has expired, the majority of consumers' rights is canceled.However, there are options, according to which, even after this period, the buyer can put some of the requirements.For example, if the warranty period has not more than two years, the consumer has the right to contact the service centers for the above period.However, there is one important criterion.When the case of treatment buyer should independently (at their own expense, if necessary) to prove that a lack of purchased goods was formed before the product has been transferred from the seller to the consumer, for reasons which arose before the date specified.Most often in such cases it is necessary to rely on the conclusion, which is composed of experts authorized employee of the company.

4. The warranty period is unknown

Currently, there are cases when term of operation, during which the goods are subject to services, it is impossible to establish.It must be remembered that the consumer still has the right to put claims and demands within two years from the date of delivery of goods.This period may be extended if there is a corresponding point of the current legislation, or a separate agreement.It should be noted also that within this category, the conditions under which the consumer must be on their own to prove that the reason for, and then defect, which appeared in its wake, there were prior to delivery.

Renovation: conditions of performance

As mentioned earlier, there are several options for resolving the conflict that arises between the buyer and seller when it detects a significant shortage of any goods.One of them is the repair of products.The first option is that, under current legislation, the timing of such events can be defined in writing, concluded agreements and treaties.However, it should be noted that these periods should be no longer than 45 days.Allowed to make an agreement in any form, but must be mentioned details and contact details of the buyer and seller;Name of product (including the article, model, serial number, and any other identification signs) and, of course, dates of performance.Like any other document binding several companies or individuals, it must endorse both parties.In that case, if the seller has violated the above agreement, the consumer has every reason for claims on the replacement of faulty goods or reimbursement of funds expended for its acquisition.The second version says that in the absence of any agreement between the buyer and the seller exercise is necessary to make repairs in the shortest possible time.Reference data about the time of the events described above (as well as the relevant certificates) are available in the service workshops and service centers which do not relate directly to the seller and are not dependent on it.

How and where to find the data of interest?

the warranty period, you can learn, having carefully studied directly the ticket or any other documents attached to the products in question.It is also necessary to know that the beginning of operating period, subject services starts mainly from the transfer of the commodity to the consumer.