Exotic and unusual female names

Pending future baby Mom and Dad are trying hard to pick up their child a beautiful name.But many people want to stand out and call it as anything unusual.In addition, there is an opinion that the name of the child depends largely on his character.Therefore, some parents not wanting to have a baby it was "a foregone conclusion", begin to look for the special male or female names unusual.

law allows the child to name any exotic name.But this question must be approached very deliberately - because then the child to live with the same name.Previously, it was easier - the baby was often called on the church calendar, but now almost a tradition is not supported.Currently, parents want to isolate the child from the crowd, thereby possibly dooming him to mockery and laughter.At least, in my school years.

most often used unusual female names.Maybe they more easily choose colorful combinations of sounds.Plus, those interested in the values ​​of most of the female half, so choosing what to call the girl, my mother very carefully shtudiruet all the names and their meanings.Most often the choice falls on those who "produce" a child femininity, gentleness, kindness, along with dedication, success and independence.

Sometimes parents decide to come up with the unusual names of women, the girl went, so to speak, its own way.

In Soviet times, children sometimes called peculiar - piled variety of combinations.For example, Gertrude formed by the "heroes of labor" Revmir - from the "world revolution", Vladlen - from "Vladimir Lenin."Also, while gaining pace fashion for foreign female names.Unusual for our country, but familiar to foreign countries, such as Nelly, Margarita, Snezana, Marianne, and so, they have become part of our life.

Among old Russian church and the names most running - it Praskovja Anfisa and Vasilisa.In addition, parents are called children in honor of famous artists: Lolita, Amalia, Alsou.And this trend is increasingly gaining momentum.A creative parents are identified as follows: Viagra, Joy, afigenno etc.

Also some parents call a child with a patriotic bent - this is truly unusual names.Women were replenished Vyborinoy (after the elections) and Oktyabrina (in honor of the October Revolution).It was also recorded by the name Medmiya - so parents named her baby girl in honor of President of the Russian Federation - Dmitry Medvedev.A most unusual name recognized by Russia.

According to psychologists, each child should like the way he was named to feel comfortable and beneficial to exist in society.However, parents use unusual names to focus on the child, that child himself may not be to your taste.At times the owners of those systems may develop.Therefore, some of them eventually decide to change your name, but in any case, under the law will have to wait for a passport - 14 years.

One can not say that, whether it is good or bad - unusual use female names for future little girl.But one thing is certain: this must be approached with the utmost seriousness and responsibility.