Holiday in the middle group: ideas.

in kindergartens regularly hosts evenings of entertainment and leisure activities and holidays.Their subject matter is diverse.The children look forward to these events, and with the help of the teacher carefully prepared for him, made attributes, taught poetry, catchy melodies.Leading to such events selected the most quick-witted and resourceful, able to freely presence.


entertainment Holidays and entertainment for children of kindergarten are held for the purpose of filling the bright impressions, emotional experiences of everyday life.Successfully organized the holidays are a great success and are remembered for a lifetime.Poetry reading, participation in theatrical performances, dance and rhythmic compositions, vocal performance of folk songs and composers - all of this is included in the fun in the middle group.Therefore, we can say that this synthetic activities that bring together different areas of art, thereby providing a comprehensive positive impact on the minds and feelings of children.These activities contribute to the expansion of horizons, language development, memory, imagination, because in the perception of the material they learn a lot.

In preparation for the celebration of children forming communication skills, enabling them to find a common language with their peers, they learn discipline and culture of behavior.

idea leisure

Each partner is based on a certain idea of ​​passing a red thread through the whole event.Therefore, all of the songs, dances, games, theatrical skits and musical decoration must fully disclose the idea.It is learned that every child, if the following requirements:

  • available.It implies an adapted art material under a certain age, taking into account their specific features.Holiday in the middle group and the other is based on a program of training and education of children, approved by the Ministry of Education.Taking into account their vocal and dance skills, interests.That children are not overworked, the event should be a clear start and finish on time.Since the material saturation each group is different, something fun in the middle group lasts 20-30 minutes, in high - from 45 to 60.
  • combination of different types of art in collective and individual performance.Solving common tasks, art forms complement each other, and with greater force saturated with emotional experiences of children.Also a separate type of art has an impact on every child.Due to fatigue of children playing in the middle group and older should be built with alternating activities.For example, if the children stood still and sang a song, the next number to be dancing.

Leisure forces

adult entertainment can only be carried out by adults, children act as spectators in this scenario of entertainment in the middle group and senior undertake more complex in terms of enforcement, but available for children perception.Children love to play, so you can prepare a story and show behind the screen with the help of toys "Bi-Ba-Bo" or even on the table - it will be a toy theater.Characters move in front of the children, as the decorations can be a building material.For
performance required images printed on a color printer, the characters of fairy tales, glue them on a flannel cloth or velvet paper.During tale characters appear on flanelegrafe.Children will be delighted.

On the content of such activities are educational in nature.Available stories about composers, musical sketches of genres, writers, about the phenomena of nature, of social norms - such are the subjects of entertainment in the middle group.Entertainment

prepared children

If opportunities for children younger groups are still small and they generally only the audience, the children are middle and senior groups already have a lot.Therefore, in kindergartens organize entertainment, where children are active participants in performances.Games-dramatization, puppet shows can put yourself guys, starting with the middle group.Older children enjoy showing tale behind the screen with the help of the theater "Petrushka".Even shy guys willing to take part and appear before primary and secondary groups, because behind the screen can not see them.But their self-employment is not limited to entertainment.

can tell the tale Kataeva "Tsvetik-semitsvetik" that children do not get tired to sit - "dilute" musical numbers, reading poetry and performing crafts.Also organize activities together with their parents, for example, was asked to prepare a story-presentation with photos of his family of parents whose children were born in the fall, timed to the birthday boy.


musical entertainment in the middle group can take the form of a concert.Under a unifying theme the children sing, dance, read poetry, play musical instruments.For example, on the theme "Winter" Children Draw, and then perform the familiar numbers.The leisure facilities include a new material, which is specially prepared for a specific topic, and repeated variations of the old rooms.Kids love to repeat the learned, so they are expressive and fun to sing your favorite ditties or ritmoplastiku.Keep in mind that entertainment is filled with joy for all children, so every child has to make a feasible contribution to the overall fun.

children of the middle group must be accustomed to hearing a serious classical music.Evening concerts are held several times a year and include the works of classical composers.Children are not just sitting listening to, but also to express their emotions through movement, such as a waltz, you can improvise movement.Performing the play "Baba Yaga" from the "Children's Album" Tchaikovsky, you can ask the children to represent it to the music, telling of plastic, which she does.


time to leave for a long time in the children's memory, Entertainment in the middle group and older should include the sudden appearance of the character.The climax to the festival can visit fright or another villain who will bring confusion and confusion, the children happy to solve given "troubles" and everyone will be happy, and the holiday is complete victory of goodness and justice.

Factors recovery

everywhere in kindergartens in all groups held noisy and moving events, sports entertainment in the middle group runs with interesting games and exciting attractions.These activities are characterized by positive emotions, joy, communion and sincere welcome laughter, surprise and delight, creativity - all these factors favor the improvement of children.

specialists have proven that if a child in the cradle is immersed in an atmosphere of joy, warmth, it grows strong spirit and do not succumb to various situations.Therefore, hosts a variety of physical culture festivals and entertainment.

Child and movement

sports entertainment in the middle group fun runs.Children develop intelligence, wit, imagination and creativity.The main objective of such events in the emotional perception of life and education needs in motion.When the child moves, he knows himself, learning to navigate in space and purposefully act in the world.Holidays with their parents, such as "Dad, Mom, I - a happy family," united children and adults happy experiences and bring great emotional pleasure.Events and entertainment form the right attitude to rest, finding it fun, beauty and a source of joy.