Philippine Sea: interesting facts and nature

Of all the seas in the Pacific can be distinguished Philippine Sea, bordered to the north by three islands: Japan, the Philippines and the island of Taiwan.

Geographical location

the east side of the sea washes the Ogasawara Islands, Izu Mariana and Kadzan.Towards the south-east sea borders with Island of Yap and Palau.Thanks to a number of neighboring islands of the sea has become an interesting shape of the diamond.It is the largest in the world of the sea, located on the edge of the world.It is a true paradise for lovers of unexplored nature.The rich underwater world, clean water, sandy beaches, waterfalls, caves will leave unforgettable impressions.The water temperature is changing insignificantly.At different times of the year it is around 23-29 ° C.The salinity of the water in an average of about 34.5%.If we take into account the northern part, there is 34.3% and 35.1% in the South.

A summary of the Sea

During the Second World War, the Philippine Sea has witnessed various battles that took place between Japan and the United States.For example, through this sea of ​​troops landed on the shores of the Mariana Islands.For each traveler, scientist, student, this place is very attractive and can cause great interest, because there was a wide variety of outstanding historical events.In addition, in this sea it is the deepest point in the world.If you study all the details of the place, we can understand how it is rich.One should not forget about tourists who come year-round resorts in the Philippine Sea.If you dive into the depths of the sea, you can see the sunken ships during the war.These tours attract divers from all over the world.The thing is that at all times of the year the water temperature suitable for swimming.The water here is crystal clear and, therefore, no obstacles will arise for scuba divers and underwater photographers.The area occupied by the sea, is nearly 6 million square kilometers, and the volume - 23.5, the Philippine Sea, the depth of which the average is 4 km., And the maximum elevation is lowered into the Mariana Trench up to 11 km, can rightly be considered one of the most exotic seas.This is due to the presence at the bottom of a huge number of cavities.On the surface of the water from the bottom of towering ridges that reach a length of about 2.5 km.In addition, in some places you will notice a huge volcano, a height of almost 3 km.However, because of the great depth of the sea, the surface got not many.

Climate Philippine Sea

weather conditions Philippine Sea affect the action of the four climate zones - tropical, subtropical and equatorial, subequatorial.Due to the influence of the North Equatorial current climate of warm sea keeps soft and warm.Philippine Sea is warming to an average of 27 degrees in the northern part of the thermometer drops to 15 degrees.The salinity of the water in the average ranges from 34-35 ppm.

pioneer who in the 16th century visited the Philippine Sea, was the navigator Ferdinand Magellan.Since then, the sea plays an important role in the development of trade relations locals with neighboring countries.To date, most of the islands, except for the Philippines and the Marianas, is a part of Japan.These islands are real tourist centers.However, more recently, about 30 years ago, to visit the island only the brave dare enthusiasts.And all because there was a tough political situation, and in addition, the tourist infrastructure has not been developed.


Today Philippine Sea, which is located next to more than seven thousand islands, famous for its famous resorts, which attracts tourists from all over the world.Tourists, sank to the bottom of the sea diving, the opportunity to meet with representatives of the unique sea depths.In the middle of the last century in the study of the seabed at a depth of 6000 m it was found out that there are living beings in the form of worms, mollusks.But not necessarily be extremals and dive so deep.The underwater world of the coastal area is as rich and diverse as the depth.Which is home to turtles, octopus, fish of all kinds.Thus, fishing and fish processing is the main fisheries of local people.

adjoining island of Okinawa

However, not only such a facility as the Philippine Sea, the interesting facts are known.There is a Japanese island of Okinawa.Its area is small, but its main feature is that everyone who lives there - centenarians.The population of Okinawa is about 500 people.But all of them more than a century.Despite his impressive age, these people look quite young, energetic, active lifestyle, helping social development of the island and of course, here beckon vacationers.

For those who wish to visit the Philippine Sea, it is worth noting that the favorable period for the holiday starts with the late fall and lasts until the middle of spring.Since the remaining six months, on the islands almost all the time it rains, and the rest in danger of being spoiled.