Beautiful name Victoria: implications for girls, girls, women

Has not too much choice diminutives: Vic, Vikusya, Vikusha.In other States, the name may sound like a Tory or a wiki, but most used the full version.

Victoria Name: implications for girls

Little Vic is usually similar to the pope.As a child, pronounced phlegmatic.Slowly, he likes to listen to fairy tales, but do not want to learn to read, and very few lazy.He prefers to play with dolls, not cops and robbers.Not a leader, quietly obeys a jaunty girlfriends.It looks calm and balanced, sometimes it may take a.As they get older it becomes more alive and lively, happy to care for themselves, tidy.Mom did not have to remind her daughter that she combed her hair, Vic monitor their appearance.Sometimes she wants to stand out among peers.In this case, it can be seen in too short skirt or too bright makeup.Vick will not be one of the first students, but may succeed in drawing or dancing.

Victoria Name: implications for girls - the character

demonstrative girl does not grow, on the contrary, it will become one of the distinct character traits.Appearing in the new team, Victoria will try to show off, but if you get resistance, do not come into conflict, and quickly retires.

Victoria Name: implications for the girl and her health

Since childhood, you need to watch out for health.With her daughter have to spend much time outdoors, are useful lessons in the sports section.

Mystery named Victoria profession

Vika feels well in professions where there is no need to closely interact with people.Due to its bright appearance can be a fashion model or a model.She has an analytical mind, so it is easy to flow into men's team.It can go into science, or to become a programmer.She loved children, many of Victoria become good teachers.If the husband she was offered to become a housewife, quietly agree, it is not one of those who defend the right to independence.

Victoria Name: implications for girls, girls, women

Victoria is not particularly interested in secular life.Girlfriends her a bit, but they are time-tested.It does not tolerate the invasion of their personal space.Brusque and tactless people try to exclude from the circle of female friends.Its isolation may take many of resentment.In fact, Victoria is not angry, and watching others.She does not like to be in the clouds, he stands firmly on the ground, making plans that targeted exercises.Victoria does not count on fortune, but prefers just to seek herself.Since it is resistant, hard-working and persistent, she manages it.Not very confident.Vick like the atmosphere of flirtation, often falls.He likes to pose as a little girl, you want guardianship, although the fine can take care of myself.Jealous betrayal touches her very much, it can not forgive.Family life is very important for her, the choice of husband is experiencing strong fluctuations.She has high expectations for the future mate.This earthly woman.Indecision, so the process of finding a future spouse will be delayed.If the choice is made right, and her husband did not disappoint, in a marriage, it will blossom.It will become more open, trusting, ready to do anything for the family.

What is the name of Victoria?

name Victoria comes from the Latin "victory".In recent years, girls were more likely to be called so, before the name was not common.