What does the sign: what illuminates the left ear

Traditional forecasters can explain every event in terms of accumulated wisdom.Solid face - explain hiccups started - Explain.Almost every event is accompanied by a sign.What lit the left ear?And this is no accident, as they say folk sages.

signs: what lights left ear

That's what explains lovers interpretations.If your left ear burning, then you become the object of discussion.Why not right?Yes, in this case the people of different sign.But the left - this is a blatant lie, which at this moment discussing the person known to you.They are so willingly to wash your bones that you "catch" is on the field level.It just seems that the person is not able to obtain information from the field structures.In fact, esotericism, and behind them, and scientists began to accumulate facts which show that our capacity is not so simple, and studied as it seemed earlier.Official science is cautious and does not recognize that the marks are without physical basis.But the fact that people communicate on the field level, no one argues.It turns out that a person feels that he discussed, so he lit his left ear.Signs of various nations converge here.No one is "left excitation" of the ear does not explain otherwise.All ambiguous in its interpretation.The sign "what burns left ear" One: you are the object of unpleasant gossip.What to do in this situation?Simply laugh windbag!

If burning face and ears?

The sign is this: you curse was worth.The explanation of this fact is also possible on the basis of energy-information theory.If a person is burning together with ear shells, so you just feel like a certain dissatisfaction with the person sent to your address.Since the idea of ​​flying instantly, then your brain receives information at a time when it is released into the world.A mechanism that allows the data to let into your mind, it does not.Not all have the clairvoyance or clairsentience.Therefore, the body and reacts in such an original way.

medical explanations

Interestingly, scholars and surveillance lead to the fact that any correct sign.What lit the left ear?Recall: you are discussing.Solid face - you scolded.And what happens when a person is ashamed of?That's right, it reacts to the skin redness and increased blood flow.It turns out that, without realizing it, we feel shame when unknown to us at the moment a person is dissatisfied with our own actions.That is, we are able to perceive the emotions of a man who is far away, which we did not think and think, may have forgotten about its existence!It turns out, our brains not only his senses, but also responds to his thoughts!Doctors, of course, are more cautious in their wording.They only reveal the mechanism that causes the blood rushes to your ears.He is responsible for the increased activity of the brain.Why Smart suddenly begin to work quickly?At this moment there is no scientific answer.Esoteric is explained in more detail.

explanation, of course, controversial.Just as people say, is a sign of the faithful.If the ear is lit, then you wash the bones.Her cheeks glow - abuse.The right ear broke - you praise.How else to explain it, it is not known!