What is the name of Tatiana?

name Tatiana has Greek roots.It is derived from the Greek word "Tattoo" in Russian translation sounds like "arranges'," foundress "," appointment ".What is the name of Tatiana for its owner in life?Let's learn it by reading our article!

Mystery named Tatiana


general, this name is considered to be Russian, Orthodox and Catholic.As we said above, it is translated from Greek as "foundress" or "arranges'.Curiously, with the Old Slavic it can be translated as "born in January" (hence Tatyana's Day January 25) or "paternal" (root - "Tato").

name Tatyana.Feature

curious that all girls and women with the same name are distinguished by their pragmatic, principled and purpose.They are prudent, like no other!This is a very imperious and stubborn person, do not tolerate any objection in his address.They are able to firmly defend their opinions, seek harmony and order of life, they tend not to feed any illusions.Tatiana accept life for what it is!

What is the name of Tatiana in dealing with people?

strong will and determination to not give serious Tatianas establish interpersonal relations with others the opposite sex.They are much more interesting to talk and spend a long time in the company of men.Near Tatiana men usually behave more feminine and soft.

What is the name of Tatiana in family life?

like you already know, Tanya is not a simple woman.Of those, like her, people say: "lip no fool."That is why a husband currently Tatiana chooses courageous and strong partner in life.It is curious that this is becoming a major cause of future family conflict!Heavy-handed Tatiana, not accustomed to meet on the way some resistance, for no apparent reason is faced with a firm and absolutely uncompromising nature of his own spouse!

Unfortunately, Tatiana often clears on its own children, realizing the futility of their attempts to occupy the leading position in the family.In the future, this could have a negative impact on relationships with them.

however, arrange his personal life, she tries to protect and keep your focus.After Tanya - a real connoisseur of permanence and stability!Usually, this woman is always faithful to her husband, and completely unapproachable for other men.

What is the name of Tatiana in the intimate sphere of life?

As Tanya resolute and principled, then find a way to eliminate any anyone who gets in her way.She loves male company, invested in full in their image and style, prefers to look sexy and attractive.But we must understand that this way of life Tatiana comes before her marriage, then it is a faithful spouse.


This is a wonderful hostess at home, but its active nature does not want to fade away ... Tatiana wants any success and public recognition.Her resolute character, certainly would podsobit her career growth, but its very success is unlikely to make happy.