What is the name of Olga?

Do you think that is the name of Olga?And what is its origin?If you're interested - rather read this article!

What is the name of Olga?

Origin.The first version

Olga - this old Russian name, which had previously been borrowed from the Scandinavian languages, more precisely - in the name of Helga.Translated, it means "sacred", "light", "holy", "clear".But that is not all!There is another story of his appearance.

Origin.Version two

you for anything in the world will not guess that is the name of Olga on the second version of its origin!It is believed that the name is derived from the Old Slavonic and male names Volh and Volga.It turns out that in this case, Olga - is the feminine form of male names, by itself means nothing.

name Olga.Feature

common interpretation

This woman's name is encoded caution and reserve, incongruous with the external activity.Name pushes its possessor to ensure that it is paid as much as possible to itself and its own experience that it is, by the way, is not inclined to share with others.Curiously, Olga can easily control his behavior: she knows how and where it needs to behave.It is prudent and diplomatic person.


Little girl Olya from childhood is a thoughtful, but vulnerable and touchy person.Random notes can easily upset her.In addition, the girl is stubborn and does not like to admit their guilt.Communicates Olga same with both boys and girls.It does not involve learning and all that goes with it.The undoubted advantage of the girls is that Olya - quite calm and balanced person, and has never made a daring and reckless behavior.

mature years

in older age Olga faithful to your friends, it has a lot of friends and acquaintances.Girl puts friendship above various material benefits.She (no exaggeration) is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of his friends.Olga - is the soul of any company!

relationship with the opposite sex

Female name Olga gives its possessor very reasonable attitude towards the opposite sex.She falls in love with guys crazy and without memory, as do her peers and friends.In contrast, the men she is cold and refers to them as his friends.A lot of guys, of course, sad.And what is the name of Olga in terms of family relationships?

Family Life

Here the situation is somewhat more complicated.The fact that in most cases the first pass by Olin love.She never marry this man that you wait marital happiness for a long time.Do you know why this happens?Yes, because Olga has a bad habit to compare those men who take care of her, with the object of first love, who seems to her ideal!

Olga can be alone even for a few years.If the woman still dare to marry, her fiancé incredibly lucky, because it is a good housekeeper in the home, caring mother, and that the most important thing in family life - faithful wife!