The easiest way to make money on the Internet - a resource offering users a preview of advertising links.After the reference timer from five seconds to a minute for the domestic account can get a certain amount, and after reaching the threshold to cash payments to the electronic wallet.System acquired a certain popularity because of the unique combination of its kind - earnings accrued in Bitcoins.Attractiveness cryptocurrency, which include Bitcoin, is that the course can take off for a few days, and it promises a significant profit.Perhaps the combination of a standard clicker and Bitcoin crane caused the popularity of the project.

ways of earning on

user is prompted to make the standard methods: reference preview, auto surf, perform all sorts of tasks and tests.The minimum threshold for payment of accumulated for a long time, moreover, he was a tall.In most cases, it is presented as a virtue: indeed, why should withdraw small amount of Bitcoin wallet, if you can first save them on and save on commission?

particularly high salary offers traditional quest - check on other projects, the activity transitions between pages and other manipulation.In addition, the project offers a variety of sweepstakes and lotteries, random generator gave out a prize, which comes at the expense of the domestic or accrued free referral could also win a bonus checks for other virtual cryptocurrency.

Rise popularity

online quickly multiplied opinion on the draft, on reviews were mostly positive, many resources were placed banner ads, assures that users receive regular and timely payment.In many forums, where they discussed projects of this kind, the views consisted of numerous laudatory comments and questions cautious visitors who see some logical inconsistencies in the project.However, a consensus nobody could come.The rare occurrence of sharply negative reviews immediately stops the overwhelming amount of praise in which users recognize particularly insightful proplachennyh commentators.

methods to attract people

It is placed on the web are numerous assurances that "Daddy pays" (this phrase became the brand slogan of the project) were the main attracting factor.Always a pleasure to take part in the project, promising profit.Available on reviews promised not only pay for clicks on the links, but also numerous "buns."Chatting project appeared regularly one of the moderators, declared that now begin playthrough among those present and asked to name any number from one to a hundred.Then a random number generator to pick winners, who once translated prize - usually around 100,000 Satoshi.After that, the lucky winner chatting confirmed that the money is received, such a simple technique that allows others to assure that the project is solvent.However, experience has shown that it was banal manipulation.

delays in payments and analysis of

According to the rules of the project, the withdrawal of the accumulated amount in the purse was made during the month.There is no single cause that would require such a long period for the transfer.However, the first payments were made from time to time.For doubters project administrator suggested a brilliant solution - said in a specially created forum thread to get paid promptly mode, but after an emergency withdrawal of account home canceled.This is explained by the desire to create site friendly staff members who will not make mischief in the slender ranks.

but payments still becoming less and less, while the simplest analysis showed that advertised the same sites emphasized the non-profit sample.Consequently, new advertisers come and if they were accidental.Sharp criticism from users hard to prevent, imposed a ban on the account.Payments stopped altogether.

Regular project closure

Like any defaulting project of this kind, the site will soon closed.However, the event was very peculiar.In one fine morning, is not users have seen instead of the usual wallpaper design with a portrait of the famous French Fantomas comedy.Administrator calmly describes how to create a project without the slightest remorse confessed that he did not intend it as something serious to develop, but only experimented with methods of manipulation of the average user of the Internet.

Despite a certain level of cynicism clearly distinguished, after the closure to the reviews positive character is not exhausted.At this time, trick the user administrator praised for his honesty and care, some even wish good luck and sorry that lost lots of fun chatting.Perhaps the most paradoxical moment in the whole saga.Unfortunately, turned bench.