What vitamins in cucumbers ?What vitamins are contained in cucumbers ?What vitamin most in cucumber ?

probably will not find a single person who is in the summer, hot day ready to give up the humble and crunchy cucumber.And if they exist, they just do not yet know what vitamins in cucumbers!

Available afford vegetable and easily digestible, he becomes the king of spring-summer dishes.Its composition is made up of 8/9 water, but 1/9 - a storehouse of essential elements that the body can not produce on their own.

Vegetable loved one so that its growing season canning for winter use.

story of

bears fruit and is intended for the growth in Russian latitudes cucumber has quite different roots and not the Russian culture.The first mention found in Indian literature over 5000 years ago.Knowing what vitamins are contained in cucumbers, vegetables quickly fell in love in Egypt, Greece.Concerning Russia, there are opinions that it was imported from Asia and was widely used in the 16th century.

Today, you can find wild relatives of cucumbers in India.There is a legend that when the cucumbers were rare, the Turkish sultan had ordered a court cut their stomachs in order to find out who sent him to eat vegetables as a gift.

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composition of the product to answer the question "what vitamins in cucumbers" should be on the shelves to disassemble part of the vegetable.Figures are per 100 grams.

main element - water, its in 95.2 grams of cucumber.Carbohydrates combine to form 3.6 grams and consists of: 1.7 g of sugar;0.8 grams of starch;0.5 g fiber.The proportion of starch is so small that, in comparison with potatoes is 1:20, i.e. in the latter it is 20 times more.Low-calorie vegetable is also a part of fats (0.1 oz.);whites (0.7 oz.), and plant sterols.

Vitamins: The 1,2,3,6,9;A, E, C, K, PP.

Macronutrients: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium.

Trace elements: selenium, iron, fluorine and zinc.

together form 100 grams of 14 kcal cucumber.

What vitamin most in cucumber?

Among these vitamins pride of place belongs to ascorbic acid (C), which is composed of 10 mg of vegetable.Known for their antioxidant vitamin, protective properties, a positive influence on the psyche and help in the struggle to slim shape.Of course, in a composition containing ascorbic acid is not a contender cucumber limonene, but slightly behind him (in lemon vitamin C contained 40 mg per 100 grams of product).

presence of vitamins A, E promotes the production of collagen, protects the body against viruses and infections.Because of these vitamins cucumber used in cosmetics as a component of masks for skin whitening and cleaning person.

B vitamins on the specific weight in the composition of vegetable occupy the last positions among other utilities, but they are a small number can positively affect the exchange processes.


figure out what vitamins are contained in cucumbers would not be fair to leave aside the potassium, which is composed of vegetable 141 mg.This macrocell provides normal human activity: regulates the level of acids and salts;It supports the work of the kidneys;It fights fatigue;normalizes blood pressure and eliminates toxins.

amount of potassium in cucumber is comparable to its presence in strawberries, bulb onions and tangerines.The daily requirement of this element for humans is 2 grams / day, that is, eating 300 grams of cucumber, can provide the body with 21% of the average daily rate of potassium.This is more than enough, since, in addition to cucumbers, one day consume meat, potatoes, fruit (bananas, citrus fruits), which also contains the macro element.

benefits of cucumbers

Brewing coffee, especially in the hot season, think about what vitamins cucumbers, set aside a cup of drink and eat better crisp and useful vegetable.The benefits of cucumber following:

  1. large liquid content of the cucumbers helps the body stay hydrated, remove toxins.
  2. When observing physician use of cucumber juice is able in some cases to split the stones in the gallbladder.
  3. reduces the risk of breast and prostate, uterus and ovaries.
  4. Salvation losing weight.People forced to sit on a diet, no doubt, can use low-calorie vegetable, without fear of weight gain.Of course, in moderation.
  5. medicine for diabetes.Cucumber juice contains a hormone needed for the cells of the pancreas produce insulin.
  6. normalization of pressure.Leader among the vitamins - potassium, together with magnesium, helps people suffering from high / low blood pressure.
  7. At home pureed cucumber bathroom mirror will sweat less.A creaking door when oiled hinges cucumber becomes quieter to operate.

Women's salvation

What vitamins in cucumbers - determined, but their impact on women's attractiveness - not.As it turns out, can not only enjoy the taste of green vegetables, but also be applied externally, save money on beauty-trends.

Elementary and quickly remove eyelid edema and relieve fatigue from a long stay at the computer will help a couple cucumber slices.You only need to remove the eye make-up and, putting cucumber slices on the eyelids, soak 10 minutes.This method helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

In pursuit of a beautiful tan skin burns happen.Remove discomfort on sensitive areas of the body (face, neck) helps mask from cucumber.

tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, remove dark spots, also rejuvenate the power of procedures and on the basis of a cucumber.

Knowing what vitamins cucumber contains many do not realize that the use of vegetable as food and cosmetic products, is able to affect the elimination of cellulite.


product undeniably delicious and indispensable on the holiday table.Pickles increase appetite and spicing up the taste of food.What vitamins are cucumbers after their conservation?Unfortunately, vegetable brining and subjecting it to heat treatment vitamins are destroyed, but remain microelements.

During fermentation (this applies to salt instead of pickles) lactic acid is formed, which has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, the creation of glucose and providing the body with energy.

Because of the high salt content of cucumber, cooked in this manner is not recommended for people with hepatitis, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.Also pickles eliminated from the diet in atherosclerosis, kidney disease, hypertension and chronic nephritis.


knowing what vitamins in cucumbers, should know about their contraindications.Vegetables grown with fertilizing nitrates and pesticides, is not recommended for anyone.If there is uncertainty about their origins, but really want to eat early in the cucumber, is offered to secure a vegetable by removing the skins.

People suffering from diseases of the stomach: gastritis, ulcers, high acidity, the product is contraindicated.Pregnant women should be wary of the use of fresh and especially pickles.When overeating possible indigestion, bloating and belching.In a small number it is a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements, and a tasty supplement to the dishes.