Sex before work can help career

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Scientists from Oxford University have proposed an optimal schedule for an office clerk.Russian psychologists, doctors and HR-consultants helped shift the British ideas on Russian soil.

British experts advise to go to bed with the last rays of the sun and get up before dawn.

Russian experts believe that the schedule "lark" to bring good luck to those who live in the regions rather than in the capital and St. Petersburg."In the cities with million-working day at the office employees usually begins at ten instead of eight in the morning, so early rise will not give you anything," - says business coach Denis Chistyakov, CEO ProTraining.

Morning sex and sunbathing

The first thing to do after opening the eyes in the morning - to start to stick to partner with unambiguous intentions.According to British professor Pamelly Spoor, morning sex act on the body rather than charging."Worldwide, decided to have sex at night, but the human biological clock set up so that it is necessary in the morning splash accumulated during the night of sexual energy," - says Spoor.

professor believes that sexual pleasure in the morning will help to arrive at work fresh and vigorous.

With Englishwoman agree business coach company "Nanoprom" Sergei Dubov."This is a really good way to quickly put himself in an active state.As the experiments conducted in the US in the late 90s, after sex increases brain activity more than twice as long as that sex was in the morning, not at night, "- says the expert.

After sex, breakfast and washing - British recommend just such a sequence - it is best to sit by the window or out on the balcony in the sun.The sun's rays stop production of melatonin - the hormone that causes drowsiness.

In our country, where the sun in some areas even less than in England, instead of sunbathing in the window is fine walk to the subway or the bus stop.

«It really helps to overcome drowsiness, so walk in the fresh air in the morning sun you finally wake up and give cheerfulness", - said Konstantin Lemeshenko neurologist.

it's complicated - before lunch

fully awake, you'll be able to decide in the first half of the day the problem of maximum complexity.This will give you a competitive advantage and colleagues."In my experience, there were several cases where those who could assemble and easy to deal with serious challenges to two o'clock in the afternoon, get promoted faster than those who are swayed only for dinner," - says Sergei Dubov.

expert gives an example: in the telecommunications company in the marketing department employs 12 people, mostly women, the majority - "larks" willy-nilly.They require long preparation for normal operation."Mandatory tea, smoke breaks.Department woke up to two or three hours.Especially noticeable was new employee "- says Dubov.

She started every day with your negotiations with clients, preparation of new projects, and her colleagues at that time, only dismantled mail."To carry out routine work in the morning - a serious mistake - says the expert.- This is even more eager to sleep, lost all desire to work. "

newcomer employee six months later headed the department.

Leave room

to cut the most important things, do not rush to sit down at the dinner table.It is better to leave the office at least half an hour.Stroll.No matter where: around the building along the street - just a walk in the fresh air from five minutes to half an hour.

This walk will help you conquer fatigue and again to stop the production of melatonin."By the afternoon productivity is usually reduced to 80% of people.To re-freshen up, we must not rush to the canteen or restaurant, and walk.So you will recover and will again be ready for productive work, "- says Denis Chistyakov.

Dining should be just after the walk and not too tight, otherwise the rest of the day will fight sleep and weight in the stomach.

Up to four fumble with mail

After lunch, you will not be ready to immediately perform feats of labor.So choose an occupation quieter - for example, deal with mail.

According to British scientists, a crowded inbox causing employee stress more often and harder than the spacing from the head.So, place it in order.Take more mechanical work than mental.

from two to four hours of the day your brain will not work as quickly as the morning, and do not try to force it.Will not help."It's a misconception that you can force yourself to work even when the head does not think - says Lemeshenko.- You only have to spend a lot of time and effort, but the end result will still be bad. "

you save new shoes

After four hours of the day you begin to bore a purely physical problem.

Professor Spoor says that by half past four in the evening, most people begin to swell legs and feet.Footwear starts to press, you feel diskofort that distracts from business and affects the quality of your work.

To cope with this scourge, to keep the shoes one size larger than usual.Just the change of notation and immediately feel that life has become easier, and from labor feats did not distracting.Wine and rebound in nine

Returning home, drink a couple of glasses of wine.It will help relax and relieve accumulated stress and you will gradually lull.

In no case do not try at home to finish some business work.It only clog your head and will not give to relax.Work for You must begin and end at the threshold of the office.

daily routine in figures

* 6.00 Wake and healthy sex with a loved partner.

* 7.00 Shower, breakfast, brushing your teeth.

* 7.40 Take a sunbath on the balcony or a window.When it is time to work, enjoy the luminary on the way to the subway or bus.

* 8.30-14.00 Start your day with the most complex cases.

* 14.00-14.30 Take a walk around the yard, the street, just walk around the office.This will help relieve the stress of the morning.

* 14.30-15.00 Lunch, not too heavy and abundant, or fall asleep.

* 15.30-16.30 Make chore, requires no special mental effort.

* 16.30 change of notation in the shoes bigger than usual.By this time the legs begin to swell in the usual boots or shoes feet will be uncomfortable, you will be distracted from work.

* 18.30-19.00 Arriving home, drink one or two glasses of wine.This will help relax the body and set up for the coming sleep.

* 21.00 Do not wait for the evening news, no one is better.Bedding.

Elena Yevseyev

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