How did World Time

We are accustomed to the passage of time, the fact that the inhabitants of the planet around the city and live according to their own local clock.Who came up with this separation, when the state came to an agreement on this issue, and some interesting facts related to the phenomenon of global scale, as is the standard time?

How invented time?

consider such a big thing as time in its true sense will not, and shall touch only his "belt" part.Some general information: universally considered to be the clock for days for which the Earth revolves around its own axis.This - the so-called solar day, the average length of which is slightly less than 24 hours.

duration of the day does not change depending on the geographical area.Changing only the current time in different locations around the globe.If earlier people did not think of this fact, the development of transport routes, the business and economic relations has led to the difference in time became to deliver some inconvenience.

initiator timing and allocation of different time zones has become a Canadian Sandford Fleming.Naturally, Sir Fleming was not the ordinary people of the country.He was a talented engineer, whose creation was the railroad in Canada, and a keen traveler.It was a time of confusion in the course of travel, and then the rail traffic has led to what has been introduced standard time.The starting point for the global time system began in 1885 (some sources - 1883) year.

Basic principles of

On what basis produced the division into time zones?The idea is quite simple: divide runs along the meridians, which are designated by the numbers 0 to 23. In each subsequent or previous time is different from the zero point for 1 hour.As a source, it was decided during the zero meridian, which runs through the British city of Greenwich.After every 150 runs and the new Meridian is a change of time zone.Thus, standard time - it is a common system, produced by the 24 meridians.

Interesting facts

As one would expect, the introduction of such a global system was not without incidents and simply interesting facts.Please tell about those affected zone time in Russia

  • system proposed by Sir Fleming, in our state adopted in 1919 (just a year after the United States).
  • In 1930 was introduced "Daylight" (+1 hour to Standard Time), which existed until 1981.His input was justified by energy savings.
  • Entering time zones led to the fact that the time for residents of different bank of the Ob in Novosibirsk differed on the hour.The dividing line runs along the river, but today, however, the clock at the Novosibirsk show the same time.
  • During Soviet times the correction of time zones and the time they occurred 40 times (annual translation arrows on the daylight saving time - do not count).

Worldwide facts about time

  • Date Line.Passes 12 meridian.To the west it is displaced during the day ahead with respect to the eastern side.The moment when the whole world there is one and the same day (date) is only in the moment when the international date line at midnight, and on the meridian 0 - noon.
  • Line Islands in the Pacific time difference with some geographical points is 25 hours.
  • Time difference between UTC and Nepal is 5 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Crossing the border between Afghanistan and China make to translate the arrows on the 3.5 hours.
  • Englishman will say that if you turn the clock upside down, you can see what time it is now in India.All thanks to the fact that India has chosen for itself the difference in 5 ½ hours on the "zero" time.

Here it is, standard time.