Femininity eyes of men: debunk some of the myths?

Each of the female in adolescence and young age presents itself in dreams subjugator men's hearts.But what quality in women is most valuable to the stronger sex?What is it - through the eyes of men femininity?

Big breasts - this is a very feminine!

According to most ladies, men are extremely important external data of the opposite sex.There is even a popular belief that a man can love only the eyes.And every charmer than once imagined magical picture as men - without exception!- Would lose his head, even glancing in her direction.Pretty even created a myth that the main criterion for men femininity is a big bust, wasp waist and long slender legs.Although experience shows that feminine eyes of men is not always seen in the large size breasts and long legs.Many men like them, on the contrary, the fairer sex with small breasts - they are associated in their minds with childish and defenseless.This category includes the so-called "men-fathers", "patrons."So the size of the breast - not a hundred percen

t figure that defines femininity through the eyes of men.

long slender legs - and no man can resist!

an example: on the street comes a slender, beautiful woman in a suit.Perhaps some members of the male class will pay attention to it, but do it discreetly: external restraint ladies put psychological "barrier" for the manifestation of obsessive attention.But the girl in a short yubchonke, baring even impossibly crooked or too thin legs, be sure to attract not only the sights, but many will push on tokens: replica, immodest touches, trying to meet.Perhaps therein lies the femininity of the man's eyes?Pictures from comedians clearly demonstrate this view.

But the conclusions about the cause of male attention do early.After all, it was a seductive charmer apparel men see only availability, hint at a desire girl and her willingness to quite a close relationship.Brightly dressed lady and really attracts the attention of many men.And funny to hear from her old phrase: "Yes this male dogs is only one and it is necessary!" Wise men say in response: "Yes, the men need only one ... from that which can not offer anything else!ยป


appears, based on the survey data, femininity is expressed through the eyes of men is not always exclusively in appearance.Beauty is only part of the main features of the fair sex.And beauty, as you know - a subjective concept.

This woman does not necessarily have regular features, a slim figure, beautiful manners.Most men say that a truly feminine can only be sensitive, modest, soft and obliging lady.Although some of the strong half of humanity are among the manifestations of feminine stubbornness and persistence, short temper and moodiness, giddiness and instability, romance and mystery, extravagance and emotion.

So what's the hidden secrets of femininity?The comic legend about the creation of woman is such a moment: the Lord confused the little bit of everything - and get Eve.Therefore, a truly feminine is the one in which the character has a bit of everything.But the most important women's quality of absolutely all men find understanding.Even a very strong, courageous woman is required to meet "their" man, if you learn to listen, to listen to him, to empathize - and then it does not matter what her chest height, hip girth and size of the eyes.