Dream interpretation: the tattoo on his arm, on foot, on the back, in other parts of the body

Tattoo - a manifestation of striking individuality.It carries a certain message to society that is not always possible to decipher.What does the drawing on the skin, dreamed a dream?This is what we discuss in this article.

Female sonnik

negative interpretation of this dream dream book offers women.Tattoo dream - a harbinger of the possible problems that can make sleeping a long time to leave home and go on a long journey.If you dream of a tattoo on the other people in the near future you will be the object of someone's unfounded jealousy.Making a dream someone a tattoo - it means waking quarrel with his friends.Probably, your whims repel even the most loyal companions.

Dreams Freud

peculiar dream interpretation dream interpretation gives this authority.Tattoo - a symbol of total employment in work that makes sleeping postpone personal life into the background and suppress my all their sexual instincts.The analyst suggests that person a little bit distracted from your work and look around - the world immediately shine for him with new colors.If you dreamed a strange man, whose body is covered with tattoos, you're like you to someone from your acquaintances, but he can not understand his feelings are reciprocated or not.Apparently, you stop certain stereotypes that you can not overcome.If you dream you see that your body art tattoo is applied, then in reality you are missing a romantic hue in a relationship with a partner between you all too simple and mundane.Talk to him about it, and soon you all will change for the better.

Dream Book of the XXI century

We continue to understand, what a dream pattern on the skin.The traditional interpretation of such dreams gives a modern dream interpretation.Tattoo on themselves to dream of trouble, which can make for a long time to leave the house, others - in a fit of jealousy on the part of her lover.Make a dream reality tattoo means losing friends who are tired tolerate your quirks and oddities.

Dreams Traveler

Common stereotypes are seen in the interpretation of which is the dream book.Tattoos on the body - the image of criminals, flamboyant pop culture and all that this may be due.But how will this affect the future destiny sleeping?It can be a pop idol or will suddenly behind bars?This question sonnik Wanderer does not answer.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

delve into the esoteric nature of the human psyche dream book.The tattoo on the back, leg or other body part indicates your dissatisfaction with their appearance.If it is put in front of sleeping, then waking he can change himself.And tattooed on the body may indicate that you have special abilities that will certainly need to develop in themselves.

Spring Dream Book

this dream book says that the tattoo in a dream foretells downright silly antics.

Autumn dream book

What claims about our dream autumn dream interpretation?The tattoo symbolizes the dream trouble.Its probability is enhanced if the sleeper sees a man covered with tattoos from head to toe.Besides, the tattoo man in a dream foretells the emergence of circumstances that might ruin his reputation.

Summer Dream Book

If sleep saw a man with a fancy tattoo, then in front of him get acquainted with some celebrity.In addition, the tattooed can dream to the litigation, and to put it on himself in a dream means to get under investigation and find yourself in jail.

modern dream interpretation

modern ideas about the world and events in it is guided by the dream book.The tattoo on his hand in it - a symbol of the tempting, but empty proposals.You can promise "golden mountains" and then forget about it.Among other things, you can suffer losses because of this bad bargain.A dream in which the sleeper sees a tattoo on the arm of another person, evidence of jealousy on the part of relatives.And this dream portends conflict and troubles associated with your ambiguous attitude towards others.

tattoo on his arm

interpretation of dreams is not always due to the fact that he speaks a particular dream interpretation.The tattoo on his arm, for example, many associated with the implementation of all the hopes and plans.She points out that this time sleeping all goes according to plan - he will be able to start a profitable business, to come together with an influential person to travel to a distant country.If this was not a happy sign on your hand, you dream about a potential winner, which is to thrust a partner.This treatment offers people sleep spontaneously formed "popular" dream book.

tattoo on his leg

tattoo on his leg - a sign of impending difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of the plan.This dream indicates that some circumstances interfere with your further progress.It is necessary to look closely at the pattern on the leg - perhaps it is encrypted symbol of the unknown obstacles.In addition, a dream in which figures tattooed on his leg, said that sleep is in search of additional motivation and incentives.In this case, it does not hurt a little trip, even if it is the last moment is ready to give it up.

tattoo on his stomach

tattoo on his stomach - an enterprise, from a medical point of view, risky.That is why a dream about it entails engaging in some dangerous event, whose consequences can be very unpredictable.Dream book advises to be cautious and refuse acts that can cause real harm to human health.

Tattoo on back

About habit for people to turn back the dream shows.He also points to the imprudent behavior of sleep - it may seem to people unnecessarily callous and closed, or vice versa, to be too trusting and characterless.Besides, dreaming of a tattoo on the back - a harbinger of the emergence of a powerful, but a little strange patron, after which you will feel like a stone wall.In general, the interpretation of this dream is ambiguous.

Now you know what can dream tattoo.Such a dream always shows bright and fateful events in the life sleeping.And what they will be connected, to help interpret other details of the dream.Be happy and pleasant dreams to you!