The monument to Chekhov Chekhov and other cities

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Anton Chekhov is considered to be a classic of world literature.His works have been translated into many foreign languages.He is still one of the great masters of the short story genre.He considered his main task of raising such issues in the works that would make the reader think about them.The most popular are his theatrical play "The Cherry Orchard," "Uncle Vanya" and "Three Sisters."

This Chekhov, outside Moscow, now bearing the name of the writer, has a thousand-year history.Once he was one of the largest cities of ancient Russia and called Lopasnya.

monument to Chekhov Chekhov also has its prehistory.In 1960, in the capital held a competition to create a statue of the writer.It was attended by sculptor M. Anikushin.Competition, he has not been able to win, but his project did not.And improve it for 30 years until the museum, located in the town of Chekhov, not the request came.As a sculptor at the time had already turned 70 years old, he decided to give a sketch of the figure of Anton Pavlovich, rightly judging that he should still see people.

Chekhov Chekhov monument was inaugurated in 1989.It is set in the heart of the city, in a park named in honor of the writer.He performed in bronze on sketches Anikushina.Almost every resident of the city will be able to show him the way.The monument to Chekhov Chekhov is quite unusual and extravagant look.According to the author of sculpture, he wanted to depict the Chekhov as a person, which changes from year to year, not only its appearance but also the inner world.Many contemporaries noted the fact that the writer's face at different periods of his life had some differences.

Chekhov Chekhov Monument stands on a low pedestal.Here the famous writer presented his full height, in a long coat, with a cane in his right hand and with his hat - on the left.It has already elderly and sickly.


first monument to the homeland of outstanding Russian writer decided to establish in 1910.It then started to collect money on it.The second ruling came 25 years later.The third decision was made in 1960.At the same time, and discovered a bronze bust to Chekhov on the central square, which was cast in the factory "Red boilermaker."

I must say that it is an exact replica of the plaster sculpture, installed in 1935 in the Museum "Chekhov's house."The author of the bust was the first woman sculptor VG Morozov.In 1960 it was changed to the monument.He worked on it Moscow sculptor Rukavishnikov IM, and on the pedestal - the architect G. Zakharov.The monument to Chekhov in Taganrog turned out quite large - more than 6 m. The height of the figure of the writer of 3 m and a granite pedestal - above 15 cm.

can say that the image of Chekhov, this time was chosen unusual: it is a young man whoHe is sitting on a rock with a book in his hand.His face is turned toward the street, where he was born.

Chekhov Monument is located in the park (the former Alexander), which covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1.5 hectares.The park was laid out on the 75th anniversary of the writer.He has twice been subjected to reconstruction - after the war in 2008.Then it was restored and the sculpture itself.


In the capital, a monument to Chekhov was opened in late October 1998.Just then in Russia celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Moscow Art Theater.

monument to Chekhov in Moscow was installed in the Chamberlain lane.It is sponsored by the famous sculptor Anikushin, which, unfortunately, did not live up to its opening, as well as architects M. L. Feldman and MM Posokhin.

Figure writer full-length is made of bronze and the pedestal - from granite.The author was able to emphasize the sculpture of Chekhov's modesty, thoughtfulness and elegance - all the qualities he possessed in life.The writer here looks lonely and sad amid all the bustle of Moscow.


author of the monument was the architect A. Demirkhanov and sculptor Yu Ishkhanov.The monument to Chekhov in Krasnoyarsk was opened in 1995.It was established at the Theater Square.Quay was chosen, since it is here that Chekhov spent time in anticipation of the continuation of its path.

monument is a figure of the writer, dressed in a traveling suit.It stands on the banks of the Yenisei and admires his extraordinary power and beauty.Near the bronze figure of a granite stele on which are engraved the words spoken by Chekhov in 1890 at a time when he followed through this city on the island of Sakhalin.I must say that Chekhov stayed here only for one day.But the beauty of these places and the Yenisei made indelible impression on him.He spoke of Krasnoyarsk on the most beautiful city in Siberia.


Here Chekhov monument installed in the summer of 2010.It was timed to the 150th anniversary of the great writer.The author of the sculpture is a VB Kurochkin.

monument to Chekhov in Zvenigorod is set in a central park on the street.Moscow.The author depicted the writer sitting comfortably on the bench.In his right hand holding a cane Anton and left petting a dog.Citizens and tourists are very fond of being photographed while sitting down on the bench next.

appearance of such a monument in this city is not accidental.Here the future writer was a doctor in the district hospital immediately after graduating from Moscow University in 1884.It took more than 30 patients per day.Interestingly, the author of the project is not Chekhov portrayed a young man and a mature man.

By the way, there is still a hospital building, where he worked Anton Pavlovich.Also preserved and the house where he lived with his friend SP Assumption, and they planted an alley of larches.But the age-old linden tree under which the writer liked to sit through 3 years after the opening of the monument was tumbled down by a strong wind.


In 2010, it also opened the monument to Chekhov.The authors of this steel composition bronze artist AA Sknarin and architect Yu janitor.It was made just a month.The work was conducted in shifts almost round the clock.As a result the monument has a height of 2.5 m and a weight of about 1 ton.Its opening was timed to the 150th anniversary of the writer.

monument is located at the intersection of ul.Pushkin Avenue and Anton Chekhov.The city of Rostov-on-Don has much in common with the writer.Where his parents met.In this city, he had many friends at school.In addition, the city theater on the stage of one of the first in Russia has passed its statement "The Cherry Orchard."


This city Chekhov somehow disliked.The writer stayed here for a week in May 1890, when he went to Sakhalin to fulfill, as he thought, his civic duty: to overcome all the way, driven by the exiles, and to see what and how they live.It seemed to him that the city met him coldly, and the people here do not like the writer.

monument to Chekhov in Tomsk, perhaps the most unusual.This two-meter bronze sculpture was installed in 2004 on the city's waterfront.Its author is Leonty Usov.Considered one of the most refined and elegant Russian writers Chekhov appears here in caricature and even grotesque form in a long coat and a funny hat, with a slightly skewed points and disproportionate bare feet, holding an umbrella behind.

opinions Leonty Usov sculpture

unusual monument to Chekhov in Tomsk, causing mixed reactions from people.Some believe that it offends the memory of the great man of letters and need to remove it.Others refer to it loyally.One thing is certain: that this sculpture has become a true landmark of the city, which is loved by many locals and tourists.Next to it is very like to be photographed, and the students even came his belief: if you rub the nose of the statue before the exam, make sure you're lucky!