Soon the holidays!

the eve of the holiday, we usually want to work less.Last week, we had not actually working, and pretend thus guaranteeing himself Abraham after the vacation is over.To avoid this, you can take action even before your vacation starts.

Do a little, but every day

Just three to two weeks before the holiday, and you should mobilize all forces.You issued a vacation, choose a route, the tickets and voucher in your arms, and to collect the suitcases yet.Now focus on the work.Just set for ourselves a tight schedule.For example, do you spend in the office for 20-30 minutes more each day.And in addition to current affairs, to perform something for the future.In general, the main principle is to evenly distribute the load.

not leave customers

Very often taking a holiday people do it unexpectedly operating partners and even colleagues.This is fundamentally wrong.Of course, when you sit on a plane and fly to the resort, you do not care anymore.But when that moment a partner or customer can not reach you and does not understand what it is, it can badly affect your business later.Therefore, it would be great if those with whom you work now, you notify a vacation orally or by e-mail.This aerobatics will be if you leave contact colleagues to whom they can turn if necessary.With a colleague we need to agree as follows: while you're on vacation, it helps you, and vice versa.Thus, you do not lose control over their own affairs.And even if you got a call on the mobile phone while you're lying on the beach, try to quickly send the client where it can help.

tidy workplace

certain weekdays during business on your desktop have a lot of unnecessary papers, folders, some leaflets with incomprehensible phones and records.Would be great if the last time you devote an hour and a half, an analysis of the rubble.Outside the procedure it is important for the internal order.Imagine how you will be pleased to come back after the holidays and see tidy workplace.Wipe and clean your desktop computer from unnecessary files and documents.Well, if you have a huge office and to you every five minutes fit to sign a document or ask something, take care of tranquility colleagues sitting at the next table.Put a plate on the table with the message that you are on vacation and to what number you will not.

create customized

After you leave to enter the rhythm of work is necessary, too slowly.Buy a bottle of wine on vacation, souvenirs for colleagues and at the end of the day Arrange a small party, told his colleagues about the rest.Setting yourself up for good.


Sometimes even while on vacation, it is necessary to dedicate a work for a few minutes.Not to meet holiday phrase: "After that, the deluge!" Think about what you spend on your vacation and you will have then to compensate the loss.

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