Remind your favorite fairy helps us their summary: "Caliph Stork" Gough

During his short life Hauff wrote a lot of great and good stories.Many of them are familiar to us from childhood.The collection includes, as a rule, the most popular of them: "Little Muck", "The story of the severed hand", "Little Longnose" and many others.Certainly, in any library there is a book."Caliph Stork" - one of the most famous tales of the great Hauff.It is permeated with oriental motifs.In her explanation created television and cartoons.Recall its summary.

«Caliph Stork".Entry

Baghdad Caliph Hasid quiet evening sitting in his chambers, smoking his favorite pipe rosewood and drank coffee, which he poured into a bowl slave.The mood of the nobles was beautiful, nothing presaged bad.At such moments, it was possible to speak on any topic, to ask about anything.It was at this time and loved to visit his master wise vizier his Manzorov.So this evening visited the faithful servant of his caliph.He came and told the Hasidim that the bottom is near his palace trader trinkets and offers his goods.Caliph wanted to please his vizier in this beautiful evening, and he sent his servant for these street vendors.When the latter came to him, his lords bought pistols for himself and his wife to a magnificent crest Manzorov.When the merchant was about to leave, he noticed Vizier black box and an old manuscript that comes with it.That is in the casket, the seller did not know and offered to buy his princes with him.So they did.Read an ancient manuscript and the caliph could not sent for Selim-literate, who knew all the languages.The visitor scholar could still unravel what is written in this scroll, and announced the dignitaries.He said it contains some secret message: "Those who sniff the powder from this casket and utter the magic word" Mutabor "turn into any animal in which the wish and will to understand the language of animals and birds on the ground.To return to the previous appearance, it is necessary to bow three times to the east and said the same word.But woe to those who laugh in the shape of an animal.Then the people will forget the magic word, and will forever remain a beast. "After hearing all this, the Vizier, and the caliph decided the next day to try the miraculous effect of the powder on themselves.They are not very much and believed in its power.About what happened next, he tells the next chapter (its summary).

«Caliph Stork".Developments

The next day, just after dawn, and the Hasid Mansour went into the garden to find there what some animals and eavesdrop on their conversations.After wandering around there for a while and not finding anything remarkable, they are sent to the old pond, home to storks."Here it's time to be done miracle" - decide they both breathe a magical powder and pronounce the word "Mutabor."Instantly the caliph and his faithful vizier transformed into storks.They hear talk of these amazing birds and understand them.Looking at each other, nobles laughed, and when came to their senses, it was too late.The magic word that is supposed to turn them back into humans, they do not remember.They wandered in a guise of the marsh, and then went to the palace in Baghdad.There they saw the parade in honor of the people elected the new lord of the glorious city.They became IDRC - the son of a mortal enemy Caliph Hasid Kashnura wizard.So our heroes became known, who has bewitched them.One trader in the street was sent by him to the treacherous Kashnurom.Who can help them to trouble, and Manzoor Hasid did not know.They decided to go to Mecca on the grave of the Prophet, hoping to find answers to their questions.On the way there, flying over the valley, they saw some ruins that were once beautiful palace.Storks went down there to spend the night.In one room, they heard someone's quiet weeping.Going on his sound and Manzoor Hasid in a dilapidated rooms saw a big night owl.She told his sad story to travelers.It turned out that it was an owl - enchanted princess, daughter of the king of India.It turned into an owl Kashnur evil wizard who often arrives at the castle, to organize feasts for their entourage.Hasid and Manzoor understand that this is their chance to become human again.It is possible that one of these gatherings will be spoken word, which they have forgotten.For his assistance owl asked anyone of them took her as his wife.Since Vizier was already married, the choice fell on the idle caliph.The only way the evil spell will fail, and the owl again turn into a girl, Hassid agreed to marry the princess, without knowing how it looks.The end of this amazing story to tell the next chapter (its summary).

«Caliph Stork".Decoupling

Finally came the decisive moment.Kashnur flew to the castle with his associates.It was with him and a street vendor, deceived our heroes.At the feast, he said that the caliph and his faithful vizier forgotten the word "Mutabor" and now to the end of his days will be walking storks.Hasid and Manzoor heard it all.They immediately repeated the word, and bowed three times to the east.Mig, and they again become men.Turning, they saw a beautiful girl.It was a princess - now the wife of the caliph.On the appearance of an owl in it resembled nothing.As soon as these come to pass miracles, the travelers went to Baghdad, where people have rebelled against the IDRC and his evil father.The appearance of the caliph all received with joy.He again became the master of this great city.Kashnura Caliph ordered to hang in the same prison where recently lived a night owl.And his stupid son he offered a choice: death or smell the magic powder from the black boxes.He chose the latter and became a pet.He was locked in a cage and put in the garden for all to see.A Caliph Hasid lived with his wife happily.Thus ends this amazing story (here given its summary)."Caliph Stork" - this is truly one of the best stories of the great Hauff.It is interesting to read both adults and children.For younger readers, it will be a good lesson, because its main idea is that you should always comply with some regulations.

Therefore, follow the rules and mandates of adults taught children work "Caliph Stork".Tale Hauff has educational value.