How to draw a beautiful cabbage?

Drawing - this is not just a way to spend time with your child.It helps the child to learn how to better distinguish colors, mix them, and further develop spatial imagination and teaches artistic taste.So drawing classes are very helpful.And, of course, important in this case is our imagination.Thanks to him, children's drawings do not resemble one another.

But beyond imagination, you need to have some knowledge and skills, so that the object in the picture turned out recognizable, and others did not have to wonder what it depicts.That is why the children and their parents all sorts of popular master classes in drawing.And today we will hold one of them.Namely, to learn how to paint the cabbage right.This is not difficult.We just need to follow the instructions.


How to draw cabbage and what we need to do?Required paper, soft eraser to erase the extra lines, a simple pencil.Also, before you draw a cabbage, we should remember what color it is, and pick the appropriate shade.So, that means we will need a green pencil.It is better to take two - light and dark, and grab the white, it is also useful to us.

So, we want to know how to draw step by step cabbage.What we need to do first?Let's mentally imagine her part.The usual cabbage consists of a rounded head, and curly top leaves that surround it.So, that's it, and we'll draw.In this manner the image is similar to cabbage rose - they both start with a hearty round base, and then, thanks to the artist, "grows" leaves.

How cabbage pencil to draw step by step?

Well, get down to the first explanation.In the middle of the sheet should be placed on a circle the size of the future head of cabbage.You just need to paint it with a light pencil.Then you need to draw the first two sheets - they have to be fit to the head.To do this, inside a circle draw two curved lines, which will have a common beginning and end.They should be slightly wavy, like the edge of the leaves of this cabbage.Now take a deep green pencil and draw out the contour of each will receive a sheet, that is half of a circle and a curve that separates it.

The second stage will be the image of the leaves.Usually cabbages look a little disheveled.So do we.Around our "head" must be three or four curves wavy lines depict leaves.They also need to cut around the contour of dark green pencil.Now is the time to move to the third stage.It is necessary to paint our head.Cabbage leaves at the edges are usually darker than the base, so use a dark pencil-tip, and for a place where there should be Stumpy, light and shade make the transition from one color to another.It is necessary to draw a final, but very important detail.

All cabbage leaves very visible veins, and because of them, even the most "abstraktsionistskoe" image of this vegetable is recognizable.It is for them we need a white pencil.Draw on top of painted leaves.In the center goes one major vein, from which, as the branches of the tree, it is necessary to depict side.


And our vegetables ready.Now we know how to draw a cabbage.As you can see, very simple.Such skill is easy to teach both children and adults.A drawn so cabbage certainly no one confused with something else.