It is time to go forward!

I do not care about the fate of my country, and I'm ready to fight not only for the material well-being of people, but also for the formation of spiritual, higher views on zhizn.Tolko when people appear again the spiritual core that is not easy to keep the people in unityas it was not so long ago, but that will not give right to ignore injustice, misery and we need veschey.Vystupayu against any nasiliya.Pora globalno.Naprimer have to think more about the development of Mars, the moon, the transition to alternativeenergy finally elevate scientists, teachers, doctors to the highest level in obschestve.Tehnologii and human potential allow us this opportunity sdelat.I est.Ya dream that every person in this country to believe in themselves, in their sily.I in howeach of us can bring to the world that it is very necessary and neobhodimoe.Davayte do it and finally go on! Stand on the spot at that time, other States to develop and celebrate their holiday of a lifetime can not be! Every normal person knows these strany.V our countryis in my view a very important role the two components of the three.

first is our children! The future of our gosudartsva! Support! And hope.

second is our pensioners who have given and still continue to give the most precious thing a cheloveka.Eto your life!

and the next category is the average age.

Our children see and chuvsvom everything that happens in our country segodnya.Shkolnitsy and pupils jump from buildings, start using anrkotiki and deal with all the most terrible things and sebyaubiystvennymi.

On Veterans World War II veterans are attacking bezsovestnye worthless bastards and rob ih.Zabirayut last thing left in our elderly hero! I support the execution of these bastards!

on city streets is now wielded by robbers, thieves, drunkards and other outcasts of society, which actually and golosavt should not be allowed! How much time should pass, just to understand what the government should closely comes in direct contact with the people anyway, and the Government and peopleI vyzhit.Ya not believe that people need a decent, brave, can somewhere despair and a strong leader who will not only strong kick snickering officials and crime and everything that makes our power slabee.Tot leader who will come to the peopleand it will not be by his side as it is done seychas.Gde the worthy head of our nation? Net.K net.Poka unfortunately it is not.

Finally the third age group of people! It is a medium capable vozrast.Eto cross between children and starikami.Eto those who should help and in every way to help the state to solve the problems of young and old pokoleniy.Kak only category of children will see theirFathers otnsyatsya to the elderly and they shall otnsitsya their ottsam.Eto law prirody.A not moy.Formirovanie spiritual foundations of the rule should be respected is our obschestve.Pomnite grazhdane.I not zabyvayte.Nasha country has a show the world!

the good of you, for the benefit of themselves for the good of our children, for the sake of our fathers! Together we can do everything!