How to put on dry kvass kvass at home

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How to put on dry kvass kvass?This question is particularly relevant only in the hot summer season.After all this time of year I want to quench your thirst and fill the water balance of something sour and sweet at the same time.It is worth noting that leavened drink made at home, it turns out much tastier and healthier than the same product sold in yellow barrels in the street.

How to put on dry kvass kvass at home

Necessary ingredients:

  • sugar sand - 8-9 large spoons;
  • purified drinking water - 3 liters;
  • dry active yeast (granulated) - 5-7 Goroshkov;
  • dry bought kvass - a full 3 large spoons.

cooking process

Before putting kvass from kvass dry, be sure to buy the main ingredient in the form of crackers, izmolotyh up crumbs.As a rule, such a product is sold in grain stores (in packages or in bulk).It should be noted that the dry kvass from different manufacturers can vary greatly in color (from light to dark shades).This fact does not play a special role in the final product, but in some cases may be too dark to give a mixture of strong drink.

In order to understand how to put the brew at home, we should remember that such a product is obtained much tastier if it is done with enough sugar.So sweet loose product in an amount of 8-9 large spoons should be put in a glass three-liter jar, then add to it 3 spoonfuls of dry kvass and 5-7 Goroshkov granular active yeast.After that, the basic ingredients necessary to pour the purified drinking water (up to shoulder of banks) and mix it with other products with a large kitchen appliance (spoons or forks).

Before putting dry brew with water in a warm place, be sure to ensure that the sugar is completely melted.Only after this drink can cover (loosely) a glass cover and leave aside for 24-48 hours.The ideal option for such kvass serve as a window sill, where during the day the sun is shining hot.In a place like this sour drink made very quickly (within 1 day) and it turns out delicious.

In the process of making kvass you can experience firsthand, both in three-liter jar is an active response.And the stronger it is, the more acidic and vigorous turn of drinking the product.

After 24 hours of exposure to the sun will be fully ready to drink.But it is still recommended to try it.If you are satisfied with the taste of kvass, it should immediately pour into plastic bottles and placed in a cooling chamber.

Now you know how to put on dry kvass kvass at home.It should be remembered that of the rest on the bottom of the leaven can do more of the same drink, but without the addition of a dry granular yeast.As the sediment on the bottom should be partially drained, leaving only the amount of 5-6 large spoons.