you wonder how much, on average, people pay taxes?And where do they go?Income, transport, land, property tax, the value added of state.duty, etc.etc .. Tax tried that-be for each person was some sort of tax.And where do they go?On the improvement of life in the country?Perhaps vehicle tax is to build roads? - are they?the very roads that go, just a lot of money?And all this with the proviso that in Russia the most expensive in the world of asphalt.More expensive in two or three times, and in comparison with China of 10 or more.

All our taxes go to the content of millions of idlers and criminals.Tax authorities, the police, or rather now the police state.Duma, parliaments and hundreds of thousands is not clear what working structures.Speaking of the police, it is not no secret that:

1- police committed more crimes than citizens.(daily bribes, extortion, theft (!), car theft, robbery (otherwise called a beating and check the values ​​in the pockets?) and much more, a list of all of the criminal code.

2- citizens do not perceive the police as "a structure designedto protect citizens and to protect the law. "This wording itself makes a mockery to sozhaleniyu- bitter.

3- guilty or not, the police do not care. She was guilty one who paid less, or when you have to put all the blame for otcheta-. (the presumption of innocence? so smart? and kidneys ?!)

MOE, ambulance and all the others are not far removed. All of them operate only when they were paid. That is, in fact, I pay taxes that would containproduce those likely to help me, if I can pay for their services. And even if I pay the service, not the fact that it will provide quality me. MIA trades freedom sluzhby- medical health parliamentary laws. And all of them, its main aim, see only sucking money from ordinary citizens."Where the president is looking?" - And you think, from whose submission is this happening?The fish rots from the head, if that "big fish" is not a solid body tuhlyak, imagine what it represents its "head".But that's another story.

Thieves in Law.The president, the parliament, the Duma, MVD, FSB, min.zdrav., Hundreds of thousands of public services designed to protect and improve the lives of the people, are in fact structures unpunished crime and terror.Definition - thieves coming to him more than to anyone else.