At the site of the Children's House - Chechen fighters

In place of the children's home - Chechen rebels

today talk a lot about the charity, often replacing real things with empty promises and fine words.Natalia Kiseleva went the other way.Established in 2006 by a charitable foundation, decided to enter Kiseleva dramatically, despite the blurred phrases officials and non-profit organizations of inactivity.The office of the charity fund no secretary, trained to receive messages, there is no queue at the reception, there is the infamous phrase: "Natalia Kiseleva is currently busy, please refer later."It operates only one rule - to listen, to understand and help.Especially if we are talking about the problems of the younger generation.Society knows little about them or prefer to turn a blind eye.It's easier.It could not see her eyes swollen from crying mother, who took away the child, because the former spouse has a good "connections" where necessary.Simply do not know how abandoned children writhing in pain and cold, we have no hope of anything and anyone.Oh, and a lot easier here in the world, not to think about how far away from you in the cities tremble explosions school where all washed in the blood, and the survivors are dying of hunger.

In 2008, Kiselyov himself decided to help the victims of the war in Tskhinvali.Entreaties of relatives, the real danger, the absurdity of the act, did not stop the woman who felt the pain of others.Kiseleva and determination inspired some entrepreneurs, who helped organize the trip.Thanks to S7, only carrying out transportation in the region, was able to get tickets.On the road from Vladikavkaz to Tskhinvali it was not simple - explosions, burned villages, checkpoints, women in black shawls, anxiously looking at passing cars.But upon arrival - the destruction of old age poluobgorevshee building guards the entrance to his fighters.Orphanage was not ... For the past three years.While funding from the Russian "children's home" regularly received.

Kiseleva miraculously managed to stay alive, moreover, despite the danger of getting around the city, brought with them to transfer food and other things were given directly into the hands of the citizens.After returning to Vladikavkaz, Natalia Kiseleva personally met in an orphanage, presented clothes and stationery products.This trip is for Natalia was another confirmation of the correct choice of her actions.Assist you need directly, bypassing the courts and killing bureaucracy.Because while the funds from the charitable foundation run a new approval procedure in another department, somewhere dying children ... who do not care about personal signature of another Minister.

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