definition of any of the sixteen psychological types of personality based on the twin features: rationality, irrationality, ethic, sensation, intuition, logic and extraversion-introversion.So how do you identify socionics "Hamlet"?Description of the individual depends on what aspects are taken as a basis.But in any case this type is defined as ethical-intuitive extrovert, belonging to the second quadra.Characteristics of the sexes may differ materially.

Socionics."Hamlet": outward signs

woman of this type in the first place aims to be seen.For this purpose, it can take anything: to make an unusual hairstyle, choose a shocking hair color, apply tattoos.Clothing or at least its one item must exceed the socially accepted framework: for instance be a little shorter / longer than expected.What, then, describes the strong sex socionics?Hamlet, a man, as a rule, thin, has a fixed straight posture, wears a beard and mustache.The nose is often "bird", hanging from the tip.The clothes, hairstyle, accessories, there is complete disharmony.In general appearance, as well as women - pretty shocking.

Socionics."Hamlet": style of communication

distinguishing feature of this type - excessive emotionality.Most such people like to talk about art.And all the presents in great detail: whether the content of a film, book, play, or the description of the picture.Check this sotsiotip easily by the method of expression of negative emotions.A person may break out on the most insignificant occasion and as quickly calm down.

Socionics."Hamlet": behaviors

representative of this type is capable enough to get used to the role that begins himself to believe it, especially if the game he wants to achieve something.By making a purchase, he chooses the best, carefully check the goods for defects, and if it detects them at home, do not hesitate to go back and request a replacement or refund.He knows how to assemble things and furniture in the house so as to get the most comfortable.However, they may not necessarily new, but always - sturdy.Interested in health and loved ones are watching their.Having a diagnosis of Hamlet chooses treatments.Another distinguishing feature of this type - the hospitality, combined with the desire to "splurge", something to surprise, even to the detriment of their own finances, time and energy.

Socionics."Hamlet": some recommendations

The main problem of this psycho - the inability to plan daily activities and manage time.From the side it seems that people are constantly busy, somewhere to run, something to solve.But in fact, such fussiness it only hurts, because in the end he still did not have time.Therefore, it is necessary to learn to highlight key issues and solve them in the first place, and all the minor can be deferred "for later".Hamlet is also inclined to exaggerate the flaws or the other, or ascribe to them the dignity of the non-existent.From this, too, should be discarded.To build a harmonious relationship, you need to tailor your presentation to reality.