Sverhvozmozhnosti person: how to develop the brain?

I'm sure many have heard that people in daily activities using only a small percentage of their brain capacity;while the huge potential of intellectual and creative abilities simply remains unclaimed.The question is how to develop the brain to expand these resources?There are certain guidelines and specific techniques that help activate the brain potential.

nourish the brain

Good blood circulation - the first step towards the development of the brain.Therefore, any physical activity (regular) helps to improve thinking.It is also important to eat right and forget about the alcoholic beverages and tobacco.Addictions destroy brain cells, in this case, neither of which creativity can not be considered.

create additional load

When we perform routine tasks, chores, watching television, our brains are essentially not involved.How to develop the ability of the brain, if it is used to work out of inertia?That's right, to set new goals.To do this, fit a variety of puzzles, riddles, even the usual equation of a school textbook on mathematics.The main thing - do not give up.Even if you can not find a solution before the end of strain, because the brain is developing in the search for an answer.For memory training can memorize a poem, can be in a foreign language.Well, of course, do not forget that a good book - a great exercise for the brain!

healthy skepticism

So how to develop the brain - then move away from the pattern of thinking, often wonder "why so."Constantly exposed to criticism and questioning any, even the known information, thus you start dozing mechanisms logic.

develop the right hemisphere

The above recommendations more developing logical thinking, that is included in the work of the left hemisphere.Really responsible for the work, creativity, imagination.So how to develop the capabilities of the brain can only cycling the whole brain, should refer to the disclosure of the potential techniques of the right hemisphere.For this excellent directed visualization.Within half an hour in a relaxed state Think of various pictures and images.For example, you walk through the forest park."Treat" landscape, follow the imagination.You can also learn how to remember dreams.Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed to record immediately upon waking dream.Over time, you will remember the dreams are getting better and better, and perhaps receive some information from them.

How to develop the brain with the help of drawing

creative activity always leads to development.Drawing (especially not the leading hand) promotes the disclosure of the potential of the right hemisphere.You can sketch your dreams, the events of the day.You can master the technique of icons: a variety of objects denoted by schematic drawings.Try sketching abstract yavlyaeniya (kindness, spirituality, morality, and the like).

There are many ways how to develop the brain.The main thing - to put such a goal.Systematic studies aimed at the development of both hemispheres will improve memory, logic, will help make and implement decisions, be more creative and versatile person.