Visuals, audialy, kinesthetic - the types of perception

To determine the leading type of perception: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic - used diagnostic modality dominant perceptual Efremtsova.With it you can determine what type of people treat you and your family.What authorities do you perceive the world around you, at the hearing, visually or by touch?Methods of determining the channel of perception is needed in order to better understand themselves and others.

Visuals, audialy, kinesthetic - it is personality types.Every person has the leading organ of sense that more and more quickly respond to external stimuli and signals.If you are with your loved one belong to a similar type, it will contribute to your understanding, mismatch can cause misunderstandings and conflict situations.

personality types: visual, audial, kinestetik

Visual perception is inherent in the people belonging to the type of visual perception.Tactile perception characterizes kinestetikov.Auditory - audialov.There is another type - DIGITAL, people belonging to it, perceive the world around us, listening to their own logic.It remains to determine who you are - visual, audial, kinestetik, DIGITAL.The test for the diagnosis of perception developed Efremtsov S.

Visual perception

Visuals distinguish facial expressions, their eyes when they are trying to remember something, pointing up and to the right.When they reflect on something or imagine images of the future, they look up and to the right.Unfocused gaze directed into the distance - this is the first sign that you are in front of visuals.Audialy, kinesthetic not react strongly to the visible part of the world.

Communicating with visuals, try to describe the images, use facial expressions and gestures.Visuals first of all pay attention to facial expressions interlocutor, and only then at the tone.For the visual it is very important to be looked at during a call, or he thinks that he is not listening.

auditory perception

Visuals, audialy, kinesthetic a different perception of the world around us.Audialy generally describe their feelings using sounds.They are characterized by strong communication skills, and is the dominant organ of perception hearing.Audialy do not like silence, they constantly hear the music, the TV works.Man auditory memory type for better information pronounces aloud, trying to better understand and remember.Such people do not necessarily know many details, they are only interested in the facts.

Kinesthetic perception

kinestetik react to the world, based on its sensual experience on their emotions.They memorize the movement, sensations, smells.In dealing kinestetiki prefer to feel the physical proximity of the interlocutor.So hard for people for a long time to be still and listen.They love to touch the other person, putting a hand on his shoulder.Many people with kinesthetic perception often twist something in his hands, plucked or stroke.


For a man with digital type of perception characteristic qualities such as a penchant for analysis, logic, rationality and originality of thought.For DIGITAL comes first logical conclusions and facts, so in conversation with him do not need anything to conjecture, and conjecture.He was close signs, symbols and numbers, rather than auditory and visual images.Such people like everything to be logical, clear and uncluttered.

Thus, knowing what constitutes visuals audialy, kinesthetic and digitaly, you can make the process of communication more comfortable.