Jerusalem candle: how to light and what is the meaning of colors

Jerusalem candle is a spiritual gift.This blessed object that is stored together with household shrines.How to light a candle of Jerusalem?What are the holidays it can be done?

Orthodox Christians who have received them as a gift, often do not know what they do.Jerusalem candle carry a particle of the Holy Fire.However, there are some limitations on their use.

Jerusalem Where are the candles?

Jerusalem candle - it is the torch of the 33 candles.The number corresponds to the living Earth years of Jesus Christ.On the eve of Easter on Holy Saturday, there is the Holy Fire.In the temple of the Holy Sepulchre (of Jerusalem) performed a special service at the end of which the clergy endure Holy Light (or Holy Fire).It symbolizes the resurrection of the Savior.

According to legend, if that day will not leave the Holy Fire, then will come the Apocalypse, the end of the world and the temple would be destroyed.

Every year thousands of pilgrims come to Jerusalem to get the Holy Light.Many lighted torches in the day of the Holy Fire.Jerusalem candle (photo shows that they come in different colors) retain power of purity and holiness for many years.Direct Flights received the Holy Fire transported to Cyprus and Greece.And then he carried about all over the world.

in the holy land of Jerusalem, the monks made candles.They are made from beeswax.Therefore, forgery is easy to learn - the real Jerusalem candles exude a smell of honey.

appearance of the Holy Fire

appearance of the Holy Light in the temple of the Holy Sepulchre is considered one of the wonders of Orthodoxy.For this sacrament is observed not only pilgrims but also TV viewers around the world.

eve worship extinguished all the lamps, candles, chandeliers.Patriarch undresses to his cassock.This is done in order to be seen - it does not bring matches or other objects that contribute to the extraction of fire.This custom came after Turkish authorities perpetrated a search inside the chapel.They even checked the pockets of the patriarch in search of matches or other means.

For Holy Fire brings the sacristan of the cave (the Edicule) lamp Jerusalem and 33 candles.The value of this action - the miraculous spontaneous combustion, which for centuries was subjected to the study.The lamp filled with oil, placed in the middle of the Picturesque coffin.The Edicule includes the patriarchs (Orthodox and Armenian) and the cave with them sealed with wax.

present in the temple quietly pray, confess their sins.Waiting lasts from 5 minutes to several hours.At the moment there are flashes of fire Edicule - hear the bells ringing.Patriarchs go, blessing the people and giving the Holy Light.

In the first minutes of the Holy Fire does not burn.Pilgrims draw his hands, bathe.Such actions are cleaned, inspire the soul of joy and happiness of discovering a miracle.


patriarch of the Armenian presence in the descent of the Holy Archimandrite of Light - a long tradition.It came at a time when Jerusalem was under Muslim rule.Tradition says that Armenians bought for huge money from a local ruler the sole right to perform the ritual in the Edicule.Armenian Patriarch about a day spent in the cave, praying for the convergence of Fire.Other Holy Fathers do not even allowed to enter the temple.They stood on the square.But it did not appear in the cave of the Holy Light.

Patriarch of Constantinople prayed next to the church, along with other priests.Ray that hit the sky, hit the column, which stood near the Orthodox Patriarch.From the columns in different directions gushed fiery outbursts.All the people standing near the church, lit candles.

After this incident, the master of ceremony at the Jerusalem Edicule ordered to perform only the Patriarch of Constantinople.And Armenian arihimandritu, edification, since the cave should go along with it and observe the rite.

Strange events in the temple of the Holy Sepulchre

Holy Fire is often accompanied by strange events.Molniepodobnye flashes sparkle in different parts of the temple.Sometimes, after the brightness of glowing orbs appear.They move fast in a crowd or above, no fractions, and no blurring.At some point, luminous ball of lights near a candle or flashing disappears.

Descent of the Holy Light, in some cases, accompanied by sound phenomena.They are recorded in ancient historical sources, and are described in today's testimony.You can hear the rumble of thunder in the clear sunshine and clear skies.

much rarer stories about self-healing items.For example, the hood lights or wimple during convergence of Fire.But after the flames extinguish, things are intact, with no scorched the edges of holes or burns.

Occur mirotocheniya blood and at the moment of the Holy Light.The first case was described in 1572.On fez "Laying the crown of thorns" appeared drops, like blood.In the XIX century fez was replaced by an icon with a similar plot.At the beginning of the XX century (1939), on the night before Easter, she sat down to stream myrrh.This was repeated in 2001.Icon streamed myrrh from the evening of Good Friday, Easter but she returned to the still untouched mind.

The strangest thing that happened after the episode mirotocheniya major historical events, accompanied by a massive loss of life.So, in 1572, after 5 months took place Massacre of St. Bartholomew.In 1939, after 5 months, the Second World War.In 2001, 5 months after mirotocheniya fact, there was a terrorist attack on US soil.It was destroyed by the famous twin towers, killing a large number of people.

How to light candles of Jerusalem?

torch lit by the Holy Light immediately extinguished.It is important to know that you can not blow out the candles Jerusalem.Quenching can only cap or fingers - so they preserve the sanctity, and the amazing properties of the Holy Fire.

Jerusalem candle, scorched by the holy light, requires proper storage and careful attitude.Each bears the miraculous ignition energy.Priests do not recommend sharing Siches beam.But in everyday life, people often give to relatives, friends of one candle from the flame.This represents a present belief in eternal life, and brings with it a particle of grace.

As candles burn Jerusalem? In what holiday it is better to use?The torch can light a normal match.From this, he will not lose the wonderful properties.Then the torch ignited church candle.It becomes the bearer of the Holy Fire.A Jerusalem candle can extinguish the cap until the next time.

church on Easter candle is lit from the entire bundle.In the remaining days and Orthodox holidays are allowed to light a candle and Jerusalem from her to set fire to the church.So the torch will last longer.

Jerusalem is forbidden to light candles in the days of mourning, at Christmas, on Good Friday of Holy Week.This church ban is not negotiable.

Rules storage

powerful talisman Jerusalem are 33 candles.How to use, where to store the holy torch?The beam can be delivered to the home of the iconostasis.Do not store in a closet or a candle sideboard.Even unlit, they carry a particle of light and grace.If the house does not have any icons, a torch can be put on the shelf in the red corner - a far-right side of the door.

After the Jerusalem candle settled in the house, it should ignite and read a prayer of thanks.

We can not allow a strong cooling or heating torch.At temperatures below -15º it will crack.And if the apartment is hot, above + 25º, the candles will be deformed.Direct sunlight will make their color faded.

Optimum beam wrap with linen or cotton cloth and place it next to the household shrines - amulets, crosses, prayer.

What are they for?

People will get a gift torch, sometimes wonder - why do we need the Jerusalem candle?What to do with them?

through the flame of the torch passed the power of the Holy Fire.If you light a candle from his church - it will also be the bearer of the Holy Light.With it you can clean the apartment from negative energy.Or, to put at the head of a seriously ill person.When the candle can pray and ask for execution of desire.

Why Jerusalem light candles?How to use them?When a lit candle can ask:

  • for deliverance from grief and sorrow;
  • for forgiveness and absolution;
  • deliverance from poverty, loneliness, illness;
  • on improving affairs;
  • perspective of work;
  • of luck in the trade;
  • about the health of children and parents;
  • for deliverance from alcoholism, drug addiction;
  • admonition of ne'er-do husband (wife);
  • on protection against enemies, enemies;
  • of pulmonary delivery and the baby's health;
  • to improve relations;
  • about the successful road in the journey;
  • of happiness in marriage.

Jerusalem candle can be used before a new, good work and for the consecration:

  • new purchases (real estate, cars);
  • newlyweds;
  • newborn.

prayer before a candle to read in solitude, staring into the flames.If there is a home of prayer, allowed the request, told in their own words.


Helping to fulfill the cherished desire of Jerusalem candles.How to use them that dream come true?

All requests, prayers, desires discussed one on one with the higher powers.It should light a candle, looking at the fire, to focus on the dream.I imagine that the desire has come true.A few minutes to think about how life will change after the execution of dreams.

daily (3 to 7 days), you can ask for a miracle.After the request is required to thank God for all the good luck in life.After prayers extinguish the candle, with no one talking, going to bed.

Jerusalem candle: the importance of color

torch scorched Holy Fire, in itself is a spiritual gift, and has miraculous powers.Often, such a beam becomes an attribute of magical effects.Priests strongly condemn the use of fertile force for magical fire.Prohibited action bewitching Jerusalem with candles.

But for wish fulfillment for sale can be found bunches of different colors.Each of them has its own meaning and makes it easier to come to the desired result.The source of energy is enormous Jerusalem candle.The value of color will help to focus on the power of to attract good luck in the house or get rid of loneliness.

Wax can "absorb" a lot of information.A Jerusalem candle colors give them a peculiar character, feature.


Black candles to help cope with the problems of bulk, troubles.He struggles with depression, melancholy, loss of strength.

If a person suspects that he had imposed a negative impact (damage, the evil eye, curse) - be sure to pray at Jerusalem candle lit black.They will help neutralize the alien invasion in the human.

If a small child begins to attend public places (kindergarten, school) should be in the morning and before going to bed to light the black candle.


symbol of love energy is red.Remove the crown of celibacy, will help get rid of loneliness Jerusalem candle.Red, it will protect the house from family quarrels and scandals.Prayers to her to help find love.

If you start cheating - worth every evening to light a red candle.She will return to the family of the good, harmonious relationship.


responsible for the material well-being green.Jerusalem candle of the shade will bring financial prosperity, will eliminate the need.It will help to find a job for the soul, and strength.Returns luck into the house.

Prayers before the green candle to regain lost health.Green Torch help with alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual impotence.Also, by candlelight, you can pray for the birth of a healthy baby.


powerful talisman Jerusalem candles are yellow.How to use their homes?Before a serious conversation, a long journey lit yellow candle.They will bring support for new activities and undertakings.

If there is a curse of old, yellow torch mitigate the negative program.In diseases, depression, failure to pray, asking for wish-fulfillment at Jerusalem candle.


White is neutral.It protects the people and the house from the negative effects of slander, evil visitors.White Torch bring a peace and harmony.

Prayers before a white candle bestow wisdom, patience.Return composure.It is lit in difficult moments and asked to give the forces of peace in a difficult situation.


The earliest evidence of the Holy Fire fall to VI century.But they have a description and an earlier convergence of Light.Some Christian denominations are offended, do not appear in their Easter Holy Fire.Why only the Orthodox faith marked by such a miracle?There is a legend that it is closest to the teachings of Christ.How true is this statement?Until then, they conducted the theological debates in which each denomination to defend their point of view.

Jerusalem candle carry powerful potential - they allow you to feel the divine spirit in the home.They can be purchased or get a gift only once a year - after the Easter holiday.When using candles allowed:

  • share them, give, use a candle;
  • ordinary candle lit from Jerusalem;
  • set fire to the whole torch or a candle during prayers, celebrations;
  • extinguish the Jerusalem candle cap with your fingers (do not blow).

Jerusalem candle lit during prayers and Orthodox holidays, the days of troubles and doubts.Their power of grace to help strengthen faith, give you strength, will fill the house with positive energy.

Torch does not ignite on Good Friday of Holy Week and Christmas.Jerusalem candle - a symbol of joy and wonder of the resurrection.