Thought is material

theme of energy mankind has thought long been interested.This was a lot said and written.But as you know, men of science are only interested in proven facts.It appears, confirming that thought is material, the evidence provided by many scientists.

If we talk about our luminaries of science, then, perhaps, one of the first trying to confirm this phenomenon and Pyotr Kapitsa Academician Anatoly Okhatrin who managed to fix tonkoenergeticheskie education through film, collecting ultraviolet and infrared radiation.But since the 70s of the last century, on the basis of the Russian Society of Radio Electronics and Communications to carry out scientific experiments physician Cyrus Asipova.In 1975 she managed to get the first pictures of the aura of the fingers.Later, in 1988 - the photo idea.Thus scientists focused on a certain mental images, and the camera is located 20 cm from it at 3 thoracic vertebra, the fixed image.It is believed that just as this place is the heart chakra.The image looked like a bird or an arrow if the thought was clear.If the test subject began to doubt anything, the film appeared on the blur that resembles a cloud.

proof of the theory that thought is material, and other scientists have found.Founder psychogenetics physicist Charles Teutsch has repeatedly demonstrated how thoughts affect reality, and the dean of Princeton University's RJ. Gian has published the results of studies that suggest that human consciousness is a delicate matter.According to the founder of wave genetics Peter Goryaeva, we are able to influence thoughts, feelings, words on their own DNA, and the molecules of other people.And any old, especially the spoken word is the wave program that can change our lives.

materiality of thought confirmed by numerous experiments with water, Dr. Masaru Emoto.Pictures crystals has recently spread all over the world and literally stirred the public.For example, if a glass of distilled water stick label with the words "love and gratitude", it is not lost and does not lose the properties for months, and its crystals are multidimensional and beautiful.Conversely, if applied to a glass of the words "you - fool", obtained an ugly formation.

But perhaps the best example demonstrating that our thoughts are material, began a series of studies on the effects of human consciousness to the devices.The essence of one of the experiments was the fact that two people, one of whom was an alcoholic, was asked to present a clear glass of vodka in any particular place, and then drink it mentally.The amount of alcohol in the blood was measured before the test and after the experiment.Fixed concentration of molecules also volatile chemical compounds (methane, alcohol) in place of the glasses via imaging analyzer.

results of the experiment led to believe that thought is material . alcohol level in blood and the concentration of test substance in place of imaging increased.

course, skeptics say that ethanol is present in the body in the form of metabolites.A concentration of the will, human effort can accelerate the metabolism.However, this version is also subject to analysis.

While scientists argue, life presents ample evidence that thought is material.So, it is absolutely real story happened to American workers Nick Sitsmanom.In the pre-holiday working railway stations good drink before heading home.Poor fellows accidentally locked in the car-fridge.Nick had a penknife with which he left the inscription on the wall of the car.It said that it is freezing cold, your hands do not obey him.In the morning the frozen body was found in the same carriage.The paradox is only in the fact that on this night the fridge was turned off, and the temperature inside was positive.

phenomenon of materialization of thoughts is confirmed by the placebo effect, which remains unexplored.Recently, Australian researchers have conducted studies in this area, which resulted concluded: the human immune system is partially obeys consciousness.The injection of histamine (a substance that is produced by the body in response to the allergen) did in the hand of the dummy, and then the person who was next.When doing a shot in the dummy, in human blood was detected high levels of the substance.That is, the brain as it prepares for the upcoming shot.This proves that the power of suggestion is much more than previously thought.

There is no doubt, thought is material.Although the official science still does not recognize this fact.Many modern researchers say that it is not material, but it is easy to materialize.And therefore should think before about something to think about.