And you know what zodiac sign in September, celebrating his birthday?

Before answering the question of what zodiac sign in September protects those born in this month, it is worth remembering that astrology is one of the oldest science known to modern people.Oriental writings argue that astrology was born simultaneously with the appearance of man on earth.Today astrological knowledge has become even richer, and continue to grow with new techniques and methods that turn this science into a powerful forecasting tool.

Most of us one way or another has had to deal with the traditional characteristics of their sun signs.Let's now turn our attention to those born in September.Do you know what sign of the zodiac in September is just beginning its path across the sky, and which is already losing ground?

August 21 comes into force on the zodiac sign Virgo, which is seven days after the onset of this period keeps decreasing every day the impact of the sign in front of him.This means that their full power, he takes only the 28th of August.From that day until September 20 Virg

o is at its peak, and then again this week is gradually losing its force behind the growing influence of the sign of Libra.

General characteristics of people born September 2

Which zodiac sign can boast such an incredible collection of positive qualities, what has the wise virgin?In mythology, Virgo is most often represented as a goddess - not only fertility, but also of love and beauty.According to the Slavic horoscope, people whose birthday falls on September 2, the friendly and flexible, able to easily smooth out conflicts have surprisingly gentle sense of humor, they are very easy to operate.In the future they look worried, conservative, distrustful people.

Celebrities born September 2: Yevgeny Leonov, Lennox Lewis, Salma Hayek, Keanu Reeves.

General characteristics of people born September 9

Which zodiac sign, like no other, has such an incredible work ethic, thoroughness and practicality?True, it is the Virgin.As an Earth sign, it is modest, can be content with little, always hospitable, it has a sense of action and lots of patience.It is not only the "salt of the earth", but also a great friend, sensitive to the suffering of others.

Celebrities born September 9: Leo Tolstoy, Michelle Williams, Hope Rumyantsev, Hugh Grant, Nadezhda Alliluyeva, Boris Zakhoder.

the whole life of the people who were born in the period from August 21 to September 20, develops happily.Knowing what sign of the zodiac in September protects you or your loved ones, you can safely take up the most exciting and incredible plans and implement them.After all, the Virgin is able to bring to its logical conclusion, even those projects from which others refuse for various reasons.

Anyone who does not believe in horoscopes, but now know what zodiac sign in September, comes into its own, can undoubtedly try their hand at various directions of human activity, as due to his strength of will and perseverance Virgo anyway everywhereIt will achieve great success.