How to understand why chickens do not carry summer

Everyone knows that in different periods of egg production in chickens may then rise, then fall.Of course, since the inherent nature that more than once a day, a bird can not communicate, but the decrease in the number of eggs observed everywhere.

Often farmers are interested in why chickens do not carry in the summer.It would seem that a sufficient amount of food, including fresh herbs, the ability to walk, long daylight hours should help to increase the number of days when the bird lays eggs, but in practice this is not happening.

First of all we should not forget about the main reasons that affect this process:

- disease;

- change of diet and nutrition;

- stress.

Some individuals cease to be carried out of the brooding instinct manifestations: a certain period they turn into kvochek.

If you picked up the rock with a high egg production, are trying to create optimal conditions for animal life, but still in front of you a question: "Why did the chickens do not carry in the summer?"- Need to continue to look for the causes.Usually, their performance is reduced in the winter, and it is quite logical.After all, birds do not lay eggs for human food, and for the continuation of their offspring.A chicken that appeared during the cold season, will not be able to survive.

often the reason why not carry chickens in the summer, is on the surface - they just fade.During this period, the bird completely changes the pen, which can not affect the performance of her reproductive system.This process usually begins after intense oviposition in the spring time.Moulting birds easy to identify: they pale earrings, combs, small feathers and they look sick and battered.If the process is started, then you have to wait a bit: good hen recover less than a month.Normally a period of 2 to 4 weeks, it is enough to regain his performance.

In the southern regions of the reason why chickens do not carry in the summer may be too hot.The sharp warming, combined with a limited amount of fluid affects their performance.These birds are very sensitive to temperature, the anomalous heat it as hard to bear as people.But this problem can be dealt with, install additional drinkers.They should be everywhere, where the bird.If the chicken is well suffused even on a hot day, then you will not be any question about why chickens are born bad summer.Of course, the difference in amount of product compared with the spring months will be, but it should not be critical.

Often, the owners complain about the birds, wondering "why chickens do not carry in the summer" in vain.They just might change usual place to lay their eggs.Follow the chickens, to understand where to look for him.Often selected places of birds are quite unpredictable.

eliminating all the reasons you can not get better performance?Then it is better to consult a veterinarian.Only a good professional can find the true reasons for changing their behavior.In addition, to eliminate the possibility of infection of chickens by some virus that will necessarily affect egg production without veterinary impossible.