The warmest winter shoes for children.

Winter is coming, and stalls are full of children's shoes have a wide range of products from various manufacturers.But despite the diversity of species, models, colors, choose the perfect winter version - a fairly easy task.What is the quality and the most warm winter shoes for children?To find the answer to this pressing question, it is necessary to find out what are the kinds of shoes and learn their inherent properties and characteristics.

Selection Criteria

Quality materials, good insulation, non-slip soles, and insulated insole, comfortable model - all of these characteristics should be very warm winter shoes for children.Reviews parents of the same model of boots identical products are often quite contradictory.One mother just happy on the successful selection and recommends the purchase of various women's forums, while the other remains extremely dissatisfied.Why are different opinions about the same winter boots?The fact that it is necessary to choose the right size, choose the model and the type of insulation, depending on the activity of the child during the walk and its individual characteristics.Yes, and some varieties of shoes are wearing their secrets, and if they know the child's foot remains warm.We will understand throughout the order, evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

Toddler in stroller

If pipsqueak sitting most of the time or do not walk yet, not every type of shoe will suit him.The warmest winter shoes for children in a stroller that does not go - this fur booties or boots.For kids who have just started, the best solution - snoubutsy or textile boots with fur lining and membrane.If there is no financial ability to buy them, you can replace the classic version - shoes made of genuine leather with fur.Acquiring small children boots or shoes reasonable only at the beginning of the season.At this age, it stops abruptly and quickly growing, so it is difficult to determine in advance the size.

children after 2 years

At this time, the child has great walks, and the choice of boots depends on the temperament restless, conduct a walk, and the financial ability of parents.The warmest winter shoes for children 2 years and older who like to actively spend time - a membrane boots.For young fashionistas and fashionistas who love a leisurely walk on the snow, natural fit elegant shoes made of leather and fur.Finnish boots will become indispensable in the dry frosty walk, especially if the child is constantly knocks noses shoes.Ideal at that age - have at least 2 pairs of boots: for cold days and periods of freezing slush and small.

classic shoes' leather-fur "

Even in the recent past, when there were no other alternatives, the warm winter shoes for children was made of leather and fur.This classic version was considered the best and most successful combination.Today, too many mothers stop it your choice.Fur and leather allow the legs to "breathe", and is stored inside the boot a healthy environment from the point of view of hygiene of the foot.

When choosing this type is necessary to pay attention to the weight of boots, zippers work, quality tailoring and the material top.The fact that today you can find many models made from so-called pressure-treated skin, that is artificial.They involve cost and visually do not differ from the natural.But this is absolutely not the skin breathes, the moisture accumulates in the boot because of this foot sweats and then freezes.Moreover, in a short time at the artificial shoe appears in an unpleasant smell, and it is often cracked when cold.You should know that the artificial skin is cold to the touch, even if it is warm in his hands remains cool.You can check this by looking at the cut, for example, near the castle.If a thread is removed, the material artificial.

Pros and cons of the shoe "skin-fur"

Natural materials (fur and leather), non-slip high sole, a certified manufacturer, is responsible for the veracity of the information on the box - only if these parameters classic boots can be classified as "warm winterchildren's footwear".Reviews parents say such positive impressions:

  • natural materials;
  • good choice of orthopedic shoes, which helps to find the right option for children with problematic feet (valgus or varus foot, flat feet);
  • a large assortment of colors and designs - you can choose a beautiful model for any winter suit.

main disadvantages listed mummies whose children wore these boots:

  • in extreme cold, many children cold feet - are suitable for a variety of parent information to about -10 ..- 12 degrees;
  • bad withstand temperature fluctuations, for example, after a stay of the child in a store or a polyclinic his legs begin to "steam" and when entering the air often freeze;
  • on a warm winter day active kids they often become hot;
  • socks rather quickly become shabby appearance;
  • of various reagents and salt, which is sprinkled with slippery winter roads, the skin deteriorates (the deposition of stains, cracks);
  • between slush and melting snow boots often occur.

Trademarks "Kotofey", "antelope", "Shagovita" - one of the most popular.According to parents, this warm winter shoes for children.Reviews in most cases emphasize the quality, comfort, warmth and lightness boots issued by these manufacturers.Buy these shoes can be as low as 1,500 rubles.


Boots shoes or boots made with the latest technology, are in a special membrane fabric-lined.Due to its special structure of the water does not get to the leg, and the air is passed in both directions.

Most parents moving children claim that this membrane boots - the most warm winter shoes for children.Reviews moms whose kids are actively spend time during the whole walk, in most cases allocate a lot of positive qualities:

  • not freeze the leg;
  • lightweight shoes;
  • convenience to wear;
  • durability;
  • suitable for slush and frost;
  • wide temperature range - from +5 to -25 degrees - making boots wearable from early November to late March.

tips when selecting a membrane shoe

Recently, there are many manufacturers producing a line of shoes with the membrane.You should know that good membrane boots - the cost is relatively expensive option, and opinions about wearing cheap shoes of this kind on winter days, usually negative.According to the reviews, many of them are suitable only for off-season - winter foot in them freezes.

warm winter shoes for children on the labels and the label bears the inscription boots GORE-TEX, worse option - a membrane SIMPA-TEX.But all other membranous tissues often do not have the required properties, so in frosty weather the baby's legs they likely will supercool.

Membrane shoes have to use subtlety.It is necessary to wear tights under it, a part of them - about half synthetic.Socks better suit specific, with termosvoystvami.According to the reviews, if you wear termonosochki, as part of which the wool and synthetics, the children's feet in most cases, do not freeze.Some moms write that such footwear suitable for wearing in temperatures down to -10 degrees, while others insist that if you buy termostelku, it can be worn at a lower temperature.This time depends on the mobility of children and their heat.As a rule, if the street to -5 degrees, under the boots are put on a semi-thin tights, and if it's cold, it has to hook thermal socks, put some termostelku.

analyze reviews mothers, we can conclude that consumers proven themselves brands Ecco (price 6000-7000 rubles), Superfit (5000-6500 rubles).Opinions on the boots of these companies most positive.Despite the relatively high price, mothers say that this is the most warm winter shoes for children.Reviews say it justifies itself, and mainly comprise the following characteristics: lightweight, warm, comfortable, practical, beautiful, "neubivaemaya" and is to be worn next to the child.Perfect fidgets, but for slow walks will not be the best option.


This shoe has a special design.The upper part of the boot - textiles water-repellent, and the bottom --molded rubber sole that manufacturers producing high quality shoes made of thermal strength, bending and frost-resistant rubber.Insulated snoubutsy wool felt.In some types of boots made of wool is taken out, so they are universal for any weather.

Snoubutsy are low cost and better quality.In the latter case there is an average membrane layer.From the perspective of mothers, this kind - fairly warm winter shoes for children.They are comfortable, practical, well-suited to podemistuyu leg.Budget option is made only on the thick insulation - sheepskin, it does not have a layer of membrane tissue.For example, Poland's boots Demar, according to the parents' opinion, quite warm, but heavy, have a poor fit, so this is not the best choice for long walks.

Almost all producers declared temperature range of +5 to -25 or -35 degrees.From snoubutsov warmest winter shoes for children - Merrell, Columbia, Chicco, Kapika, Reima, Kotofey.It also has a membrane layer.Opinions about its use in the most positive.But products Demar, Mursu has a fairly mixed reviews.

Winter shoes Merrell

in the boots of the company in many models used one of the best insulators - a light and warm Thinsulate.By shielding property, it is not inferior quality fur lining of natural origin and is designed to weather, with temperatures down to -20 degrees.In contrast to the fur lining, it is easier.Boots on tinsuleyte fit for an active pastime, as well as for passive walks.

Some mothers believe that for long walks on a cold day is well suited warm winter shoes for children Merrell.It is waterproof, durable and comparatively has a sole that provides good traction with the surface.Its cost - from 2700 to 4000 rubles.

Winter shoes Mursu

Finnish brand Mursu products made in China.It snoubutsy and boots with a membrane Mursu Tex.The cost of the online stores is from 1150 to 2000 rubles.

Only a small part of the mothers said that good, warm winter shoes for children - "Murcia".Some parents wrote in a commentary that it is an inexpensive option only in the off-season, but in winter they almost nobody advises.Many mothers expressed a negative opinion: quickly torn boots, rubber toe comes into disrepair, uneven seams and expenses.

Boots and felt boots Vintage boots

thing of the past, and to replace them, many manufacturers offer a refined and modern variant - the felt boots.They have knurled slip sole and sewn from valenochnye felt.Such felt boots are of different colors, interesting design jewelry.

There are felted boots with fur.They can also be classified as "the most warm winter shoes for children."The combination of fur and natural wool you can wear them up to -30 degrees below zero even sedentary kids.They are not only warm, but also breathable, so the foot is always dry and warm.There is a lack - this option will not work on the slushy days.Will have to buy shoes snoubutsy or membrane.

This category can be found in the shoe manufacturer Kapika, «Kotofey", "Shagovita."Buyers are most satisfied with their quality.They write that these boots perfectly keep the feet warm even in the cold weather.

Winter Boots "Cuomo»

These boots can be regarded as a separate species.According to the manufacturer, they are designed for walking with an air temperature of -40 degrees.Warm winter boots for children, "Cuomo" has a surface which repels moisture, but to advance it into the puddle is still impossible.The lining is made of faux fur and sole - polyurethane.Shoes are lightweight and strong enough to wear.

These boots can be washed both hands and in a washing machine at 40 degrees.You can wear them as wool or cotton socks, thermal socks and on.Please be aware that products of this brand only in Finland.

Some moms say that the most warm winter shoes for children - "Cuomo".They believe these boots optimal in terms of price and quality.Leg them for most kids do not freeze.However, this shoe has its cons.For example, some parents say that skinny leg with a small rise, they are poorly suited, and you have to hook some socks.Orthopedic properties of these boots almost none.

Some moms from my own experience tell us that the dry snow of winter these shoes will become an indispensable option, but when melting snow, unless a longer walk, can get wet.So do it with the first frost and before the spring unlikely, unless the child is carefully sidestep puddles party.

Some parents of girls believe that the design of these boots monotonous and dull, so a stylish winter suit who like to wear little ladies, they do not fit, as more combined with a sporty style.Costs are relatively democratic - 3000-3500 rubles.

Boots / used

Not always the family can afford to buy new boots of good quality.There are two ways to solve the problem: to get the intended amount of cheap boots obscure and questionable products or to buy quality, but the wearing of boots.Most often selects a second mom reasonable option.Cheap winter boots, warm and quality - is extremely rare.Merznuschie legs or destroyed after a month of wear stitches, socks, zippers - it's not something that would like to see.That is why part of the parents acquires shoes or boots, which, according to all accounts, are classified as "very warm winter shoes for children."Kuoma b / y, ECCO b / y, Merrell b / y, Columbia b / u have a price 2-3 times lower than the new boots of these brands.Due to good quality shoes for a long time it remains in perfect condition.Before the meeting for trying specify the following parameters: what is the length of the insole, completeness feet past the owner and how many defects were.

reason for freezing children legs

Even the most beautiful and high-quality shoes will not satisfy a caring mother, if the baby's favorite cold feet after another walk.Why do some kids foot, modern boots are so ideally suited to many children, remain icy.The main reasons for freezing:

  • butt shoes - fingers are without motion and freeze;
  • boots 2-3 sizes larger than you need - there is no effect of heat preservation;
  • too warm tights, socks - sweating, leg quickly cools and becomes cool;
  • poor circulation or vascular dystonia;
  • membrane boots matched sedentary for the child;
  • tights, socks, consisting of pure cotton or wool, put on shoes with a membrane - cotton and wool fibers absorb moisture, so that the foot is frozen.

correctly selected and the most warm winter shoes for children - one in which the return from a walk in the frosty weather legs are at room temperature.

cold skin on the feet and above means that the baby is cold.But too warm and wet feet - too bad figure: the child in the selected hot boots and improper thermoregulation and overheating lead to disruption in the perspiration that will bring in the future health of the foot.

Useful tips

defined the manufacturer and views, you can go to the store.Several of the recommendations will help to choose the perfect boots for winter:

  • give preference to high-quality products;
  • shoes bought not butt;
  • for young children need to choose a model in which good fixation foot in the foot, leg and 2-3 or Velcro fasteners;